GermanIslam22 Islamic terror camps in U.S.

Jan. 13: 2015: WND reported the FBI had been aware of at least 22 paramilitary Islamic communes in the U.S., operated by the shadowy Pakistan-based group Jamaat al-Fuqra and its main U.S. front group, Muslims of the Americas. With U.S. headquarters in Islamberg, New York, the group headed by Pakistani cleric Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani operates communes in mostly remote areas of California, Georgia, South Carolina, New York, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Michigan, Tennessee and other states.

The FBI describes the MOA compound in Texas, called Mahmoudberg, as an enclave and “communal living site.” Located in Brazoria County along County Road 3 near Sweeny, Texas, it was discovered more than 10 years ago by the FBI through a tip from an informant in New York, according to a 2014 article by the Clarion Project.

The Texas commune, in a heavily wooded area, is estimated by a local resident to encompass about 25 acres. It dates back to the late 1980s, the resident said, which is confirmed by the FBI documents previously reported on by WND.

Most of the recruits living at these communes are African-Americans who converted to Islam while doing hard time in state or federal prisons, said Pamela Geller, author of the Atlas Shrugs blog and the book “Stop the Islamization of America.” They have operated “under the not-so-watchful eye” of the FBI since the early 1980s, she said, but few Americans are aware of their existence all these years later.

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Bush labor nominee too cozy with China for comfort?

chao_112916gettyJan. 13, 2001: WND reported that then-President-elect George W. Bush’s choice to head the Labor Department, Elaine Chao, and her father had extensive personal ties to communist China’s then-President Jiang Zemin – contact described as “regular” and “deep.”

According to an Asian affairs expert who spoke on condition of anonymity, Chao allegedly had characterized as “racist” the findings of a May 1999 report on Chinese espionage during the Clinton administration, released by a select committee chaired by Rep. Christopher Cox, R-Calif.

“The real story here is that Ms. Chao’s father – and most likely herself – has been a family friend of the leaders of communist China for practically all of her life,” said WND’s source.

Chao, who was confirmed by the Senate and still serves as Bush’s secretary of labor, is the wife of Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican minority leader.

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