Donald Trump’s inauguration is only two weeks away, and countless Americans are looking forward to the changes they hope the new president will bring. Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, has one wish for the forthcoming Trump presidency, but it’s a whopper.

“What I want to see from the Trump administration is a focus on God and the Constitution,” DeLay told WND. “It’s pretty simple. The implementation is very difficult, but what I want to see is a bold understanding that faith is the core of this country and the Constitution is the core of our government.”

The former majority leader calls for a revolution that will transform the very core of America in his brand new book “Revival! Revolution! Rebirth!” He assures Americans he does not want a violent revolution but a spiritual one, similar to the First Great Awakening of the 1730s and 1740s.

“The United States of America is in critical need of a rebirth,” DeLay writes in the book’s prologue. “This renewal can come only in the same way of the nation’s original birth: Spiritual revival must lead to revolution that will once again produce a constitutional republic exceptional in its freedom, opportunity, peace, and security. Just as the First Great Awakening preceded and helped lead to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, so this is the process that must occur now.” [Emphasis in original]

DeLay believes a failure to go through this process will mean the end of America.

“Without the revolution that restores God as the core of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and the Constitution as the core of American governance, the United States faces dissolution,” he warns. “This does not mean there will be a vote to dissolve the nation, but that the acid of worldviews, movements, philosophies, behaviors and policies contrary to godly constitutional government will eat away until America disintegrates.”

So it is imperative that Americans get back in touch with the Constitution, he told WND.

“We need to turn this ship of state around and follow the Constitution and understand that the Constitution never envisioned the government giving us our rights, the government taking care of us from cradle to grave,” DeLay insisted. “The government was created to protect our rights given to us by God.”
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Right now, America is beset by lawlessness, according to DeLay. President Obama relies heavily on executive actions to implement his agenda while the Supreme Court “has undermined our religious liberties, has allowed our society to kill 65 million babies, and has undermined our families and marriage through glorifying sexual immorality,” in DeLay’s words.

He said that all needs to change if America is to experience the renewal it needs.

“It can change if we start understanding that we need a revolution for the Constitution, and that’s what I want to see happen,” the former congressman said. “You’re not going to change it overnight, but if you focus and understand that the Constitution is the foundation of your decisions, a lot of things can happen to push this country in a new direction.”

The U.S. needs a spiritual revolution to restore the very core of America. Heed the radical call from former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay in his brand-new book “Revival! Revolution! Rebirth!” available at the WND Superstore.

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