President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Twenty-two people were just captured crossing illegally into Canada’s Manitoba province this past weekend, underscoring just why a quarter of the country expressed favor in an early February poll for a ban on Syrian refugees, similar in style to what President Donald Trump called for by executive order in the United States.

The three-day survey, conducted in early February by the Angus Reid Institute, revealed 41 percent of participants said the number of refugees being accepted into Canada is way too high.

Fully a quarter of those polled said Canada needs a Trump-like ban on refugees from mostly Muslim countries.

The finding counters the rhetoric of the left, which is to press the notion that refugee bans are only being pushed by the far-right and fringe.

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“These numbers push back against a narrative being put forward in some quarters that Canadians have an unlimited capacity to accept and welcome refugees,” said ARI executive director Shachi Kurl, the Globe and Mail reported. “It’s more than a fringe when one in four Canadians tell us they would have preferred to have seen a Trump-style travel ban or at least a suspension of refugee acceptance.”

The liberal-leaning government, now led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, announced it would accept 40,000 refugees this year alone. That’s down from the 55,800 taken in during 2016.

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The poll also found a lot of favor for the status quo.

Forty-seven percent said they thought Canada was taking in the right amount.

The poll numbers come as Trump and other conservatives in the United States have been quietly expressing alarm over the border situation not just in the south, but also the north.

Refugees and illegals are fleeing America for Canada in recent weeks, due in large part to Trump’s crackdown, which puts U.S. policy at odds with the far-left views of Trudeau.

And that has open borders’ officials both worried and upset.

As CNN reported: “In December, two Ghanians who were denied asylum in the United States walked into Canada in knee-deep snow and suffered frostbite that required amputations of their fingers.”

Meanwhile, almost 100 in the last two months have jumped from North Dakota’s border to the small town of Emerson, right over the Canadian line. Just a few months ago, the numbers of crossers into that town stood around five or six.

“The recent influx,” CNN reported, “has pitted the town of Emerson in somewhat of a crisis.”

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