A father who formerly played rugby for Hull, England, is warning parents that being “propositioned” is part of an online kids’ game.

He zapped the Roblox game from his childrens’ electronic devices, and he’s recommending other parents do the same.

The report comes from Kidspot, an online service to Australians who have questions about parenting issues.

The makers of the game, the Roblox Corporation, did not respond when WND requested comment.

The Kidspot site is run by, among others, Melissa Overman, the executive editor for Women’s Network. She obtained a law degree, then went to work in journalism, taking posts in television, radio, magazines and online for the likes of the LifeStyle Channel and others.

Former rugby league star Iain Morrison described his concerns in blunt terms.

“It’s full of … pedophiles if you ask me, it’s completely messed up, it’s turned my guts; anyways it’s deleted off their computers forever, and I’d highly recommend you check your kids to see if they have it and get rid of it,” he warned.

His concern is that the online interaction allows strangers to contact and communicate with young children.

The site invites children to “create adventures, play games, role plan and learn with their friends.”

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The estimated 30 million a month who are on the site mostly are children.

But Morrison said he discovered objectionable messages from a predator on the iPad his 8-year-old son had been using for the game.

He was checking out the activities of his sons, 8 and 11, when he reviewed Roblox.

He said it didn’t take long for him to decide the game had to go.

He went online and entered a room with a pool.

“They [other players] said ‘hi,’ so I said ‘hi,’ and they asked if I was a boy or girl and my age, so I said I was an eight-year-old boy,” he explained. “They asked me to follow them to their house, then into the bedroom and asked me to lay down on top of them and then they started with the sexual movements. They said ‘you look cute’ and ‘you look sexy.’

“It was sickening reading all the comments pop up. My kids were completely oblivious as to what the words and stuff meant.”

He removed the game from his boys’ iPads, then went to Facebook to warn others.

“If you[r] child or kid has a game called Roblox on their iPad or tablet as mine have for the last few months, GET IT DELETED IMMEDIATELY,” he declared. “It’s a bit like minecraft with a virtual world and a chat function on it I went on the game, looks completely harmless … but within fifteen minutes after saying ‘hi’ to a few people I was invited by other users to: “Follow them to their homes and bedrooms,” “Lay ontop of them” and “Imitate sexual movements.”

Kidspot said Morrison’s was not the only concern, citing a mother who got rid of the app after a similar incident.

“I have had this experience too, my seven-year-old stepson had this game and he had people asking him things. Game is banned, he thought he was talking to friends from school,” the mother said.

Roblox did respond to Kidspot, insisting safety was a top priority and there are safeguards, including chat filtering options, or even blocks.

“We continually fine tune this software to detect and block new and creative ways to message inappropriately,” the spokesman said.

He said the system uses a team to review every image, audio file or video that’s uploaded, and they welcome comments about concerns.

Morrison, however, wasn’t taking the time.

“I spoke to more than one of the weirdos within 15 minutes,” he said. “If there is one or 50 on there, I couldn’t care less.”

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