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Dilbert creator in rant over pro-life arguments

Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert cartoon character, has released a rant about a short movie in which abortion supporters quickly change their views after being asked to consider facts.

While Adams describes the movie, “180,” as “disturbing,” he “praises” its creator, Christian evangelist Ray Comfort, as a “hypnotist flipping pro-choicers to pro-life in minutes.”

“I judge it to be real because the persuasion technique is solid gold,” he explains.

First, he says the “hypnotist” needs to pick young subjects, because “they haven’t had as long to harden their opinions and to make those opinions part of their core self-image.”

Adams says the second thing is to choose a good topic to prime the subjects with, such as “the Holocaust.”

Then he claims Comfort makes his “subjects” convince themselves. They are persuaded to say “baby,” and then they are convinced to state their opinion out loud.

“My own view on abortion is that men like me should sideline themselves on the topic and let women decide what situation is most credible and tolerable. I’ll follow their lead. I add nothing to the quality of the decision,” he says.

The trailer from “180” is here:

Comfort, who has released projects such as “Hitler, God and the Bible,” which is accompanied by “180” when purchased from the WND Superstore, as well as “Nothing Created Everything,” “God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists” and many other provocative titles, reacted to Adams’ statements.

See many of Ray Comfort’s projects, including “Nothing Created Everything,” “God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists,” “Hitler, God and the Bible,” in the WND Superstore.

“I have been called a lot of things, but never a hypnotist. The obvious connotation is that I have the ability to manipulate people’s minds and make them say something they don’t actually believe,” Comfort said.

“He gives me high praise, saying that ‘the persuasion technique is solid gold.’ Then he likens me to a trial jury legend, saying that I’m ‘crazy-good. ‘Then he insinuates that those to whom I was speaking are simpletons, and of course he has come in as their intellectual savior. They haven’t the brainpower to know that they are being steamrolled by a slick conman.

“But he’s wrong on both counts. I’m not the intellectual he making me out to be, and they aren’t the dummies he says they are. All I’m doing is appealing to people’s conscience, and the conscience convinces the mind that what they are advocating is morally wrong. It would be like asking people if they think Jews are human beings. Hitler did what he did, by saying that Jews were non-persons. If you agreed with that, then it would have been easier to kill them. The same applies with abortion. If someone believes it’s a non-human in the womb, then they will more than likely be for aborting it.

“All I do in ‘180’ is ask if the person to whom I’m speaking believes it’s a baby in the womb. If they do, I ask them to answer this simple question: ‘It’s OK to kill a baby in the womb, when?’ Conscience does the rest. That’s why you see such a radical change of mind. Conscience is very powerful, if you will let it have a voice. ”

He noted the movie has had more than 5 million views and he would like “this whole world” to see it. One outreach had 200,000 copies given away at 100 top universities.

“I’m delighted that Mr. Adams linked to 180Movie.com and said, ‘I’ll tell you how he did it after you watch.’ One of our greatest joys is when a mother brings a baby she planned to kill, to our ministry – and we see a child who is alive because the mother watched the film.”

When “180” was released, the 33-minute video was sold by the tens of thousands and also viewed online.

Wrote one of the viewers then: “I’m a senior at a public high school in West Virginia. This past week in our civics class we were writing essays about laws that we wish would change in America. After seeing this video I chose to do mine on abortion, and how I wished it would be illegal. After I had finished reading my essay, a discussion arose in class (obviously) about how they thought abortion should be a choice, especially if the child is unhealthy or was caused because of rape. … Because of ‘180’ I was able to turn around the entire class opinion about abortion and by the end of the class 25 of the 25 students and my teacher as well had all raised their hand agreeing that abortion should be illegal.”

Testimonies from people across the country who watched “180” were sometimes heart-wrenching:

The movie came about because Comfort had been working on research for his book “Hitler, God and the Bible.

He was surprised to discover there are many who simply don’t recognize Hitler and cannot say just exactly what it is he did. Those conversations led then to a discussion of abortion.

WND also reported on Monday Adams announced he was ending his financial and other support for California-Berkeley over the recent riots on campus in which protesters objected to a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos.

Comfort also recently released “The Atheist Delusion.”

“Most people believe that there’s no evidence for God,” Comfort explained to WND at the time. “It’s all a matter of ‘faith.’ ‘The Atheist Delusion’ will change that. In it we asked hardened atheists one scientific question, and they changed their minds about the existence of God, almost immediately. This film is a life-changer. Hardened atheists will hate it because it pulls back the curtain on atheism’s stupidity and on their motive.”

See many of Ray Comfort’s projects, including “Nothing Created Everything,” “God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists,” “Hitler, God and the Bible” in the WND Superstore.