Trump top adviser Steve Bannon (Photo: Twitter)

Trump top adviser Steve Bannon (Photo: Twitter)

The establishment media actually seem to have longer knives out for Donald Trump senior adviser and strategist than they do for the president of the United States – if such a thing were possible.

A day hasn’t gone by since Trump won the presidency, with the help of Steve Bannon, that the euphemistically called “mainstream media” haven’t been gunning for the former chief executive officer of Breitbart.

Last week, I was amused by a direct hit on Bannon courtesy of, need I remind everyone, federally funded PBS. Tell me if you can discern the slant from the headline: “Inside Steve Bannon’s ‘weaponized’ political documentaries.”

I hope the White House took notice, since there is no excuse for media being financed by dollars coercively extracted from American taxpayers – no matter what their point of view might be. And make no mistake about it, PBS has a strong point of view – distinctively, unambiguously and unmistakably left-wing and anti-Trump.

But I’m not here to talk about PBS.

I’m here to say some nice words about Steven Bannon – to offset some of the hysteria raging across America and fueled by the Big Media.

If you want to know Steve Bannon’s heart, watch some of those “weaponized” documentaries. I will recommend one in particular. It goes back a few years. When I saw it in 2004, it was the first time I heard Steve Bannon’s name. Instantly, I knew we were kindred spirits. And, you know what, it stands up as well today as the day it was released.

face-of-evilThe movie is called “In the Face of Evil: Reagan’s War in Word and Deed.” It’s the best documentary on Reagan I’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen on any topic. And I know something about making documentaries, having produced a few.

Maybe you think you know everything about Reagan and don’t need to see a film from 2004. Then you’d be wrong. I thought I knew everything about Reagan before I saw it. I was wrong. And I believe I have watched it at least 10 times since then. It’s that good. It’s that informative. It’s that refreshing and insightful.

And it is shockingly relevant to everything going on in our world and in our country today. That’s why you need to see it – whether for the first time or the 10th time, right now.

I’m not going to tell you why, but I’ll give you a hint.

Ronald Reagan is best known for creating such a crisis within the Communist Soviet Union that the “Evil Empire,” as the late president accurately called it, collapsed of its own dead weight. He did it by telling the truth, building the Strategic Defense Initiative and calling on Mikhail Gorbachev so famously to “tear down that wall.”

But the fall of the Soviet Union did not leave the U.S. and the free world without any threats or crises. And the epilogue of “In the Face of Evil” gives us a glimpse of the No. 1 existential menace then and now at our doorstep.

The obvious question the viewer was left with was: What would Reagan do about the new face of evil? Bannon saw what was around the corner, when few others did. His movie was prophetic. That’s what makes it a must-see – especially for a generation that may have missed it 13 years ago.

I bet you’ll stand up and applaud when you see the end. I bet you’ll ask yourself, “How did he see that coming?”

That’s why I am so grateful that Donald Trump saw fit to select Steve Bannon as his special adviser and strategist – even allowing him to sit in on National Security Council meetings.

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