In fiscal 2016 only 68 Christian refugees were admitted to the United States from Syria – not the 37,521 the Daily Mail and other media outlets are alluding to.

The Daily Mail, the Atlantic and many other publications based their recent articles on information supplied by Christian organizations that profit financially from Muslim refugee immigration to the U.S. These organizations are being paid thousands of dollars per person for “resettlement.”

The Atlantic based its figures on a quote from Jenny Yang, the senior vice president of advocacy and policy at World Relief, the arm of the National Association of Evangelicals that provides refugee and immigration resettlement services. This organization, like others supporting immigration from Syria, receives funding from the government.

The Daily Mail, a major Internet and print publication read worldwide, has been in the forefront of delivering false information about Muslim versus Christian refugee immigration to the United States. While reporting on an interview given by President Trump, the Daily Mail, in its Jan, 30 edition, wrote:

“… the president pledged to give priority to Christians applying for refugee status, saying it had been easier for Muslim people to get into the United States than for Christians. Available evidence, however, shows that the U.S. admitted 37,521 Christian refugees and 38,901 Muslim refugees in 2016.”

The publication then quoted a Pew “poll” stating that “Syria’s population is made up of 93 percent of Muslim people and 5 percent of Christians.” The obvious conclusion the Daily Mails wants its readers to draw is that while Syria’s population is 5 percent Christians, nearly half of Syrian refugees to the U.S. in 2016 were Christians. The omission of the true Syrian refugee figures was worse than bad journalism; it was deliberately intended to lead readers to a wrong conclusion.

The figure of 37,521 Christian refugees entering the United States in fiscal year 2016 did not represent Syrian Christians but rather all Christian refugees from all nations.

In reality a total of only 68 Christian refugees were admitted from Syria in fiscal year 2016, and 98 percent of all refugees from Syria were Sunni Muslims, according to the State Department.

The refugee figures reported in the Daily Mail included all Christian refugees, even those who escaped communist North Korea. Of the 85,000 refugees Obama admitted in the 2016 fiscal year, just 12,587 were from Syria. State Department Refugee Processing Center data show that of the 12,587 Syrian refugees entering the United States in the 2016 fiscal year, the vast majority – 12,363 (98.2 percent) – are Sunni Muslims. Just 68 of the 12,587 – just more than half of 1 percent – were Christians.

There is one final discrepancy. The Pew Research numbers were used because they indicated the lowest percentage for Christian population in Syria. Yet more credible sources disagree with that percentage, as both the Syrian government and the CIA World Fact Book put the Christian population at 10 percent, not 5 percent. Furthermore, even the 10 percent number includes only Syrian citizens and ignores the fact that tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians fled to Syria for safety after the George Bush invasion of Iraq in 2003 that left the Christians defenseless against Sunni Muslim terror.

These Iraqi Christians fled to the safety of the secular government of Syria, which treated them as equals with Muslims. Soon however, they found themselves in the middle of a Sunni Muslim uprising funded by Saudi Arabia and weaponized by the United States.

The Daily Mail, as does the Washington Post and other mainstream media, fails to mention that the terror groups in Syria are Sunni Muslim. Even the U.S. State Department under Obama declared that the Sunni Muslim Islamic State (ISIS) was practicing genocide against Christians and Shia Muslims.

President Trump is attempting to assist the victims of genocide, a fact the Daily Mail and most other mainstream media outlets that have a strong desire for “diverse” cultures refuse to admit.

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