There’s an astonishing movie out there right now called “I Am Michael,” based on the true story of Michael Glatze, once a “gay rights” activist who finds God and renounces homosexuality, gets married – to a woman, no less – and becomes a Christian pastor.

I must tell you that I never thought I would live to see a movie like this made by Hollywood, especially starring two well-known actors – James Franco (“Spiderman”) and Zachary Quinto (Spock in “Star Trek”).

Pardon the pun, but the movie portrays the story “straight” down the middle, despite the politically correct credo that no one can change their fixed sexuality from homosexual to hetero.

Interestingly, both WND and the WND Books best-seller “The Marketing of Evil” by David Kupelian play cameos in the movie.

Glatze’s story was first chronicled in WND, and you see that on the screen as Franco surfs the Internet at the time his story broke in his chosen place to tell it beyond his personal blog. In addition, at one point in the picture, Franco picks up Kupelian’s book, which was instrumental in his character’s spiritual and sexual life journey.

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Let me quickly say that while this movie is refreshing in its fairly unbiased, no-holds-barred portrayal of Glatze’s story, it is not recommended for children or the squeamish. It’s Glatze’s story – and it’s not always pretty. I had to turn away from some scenes – fast-forward others. Parts of it can be hard to watch, unless you like pornography.

From "I am Michael"

From “I am Michael”

But I had a thought as I was watching this tough movie.

Why is it that “gay” activists and their defenders are so adamant that homosexuals cannot change their sexual identity? Why is the “once gay, always gay” principle so important to the LGBT doctrine?

I suppose it has something to do with the absurd notion that there is a “gay gene,” a tenet of LGBT orthodoxy.

Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that some homosexuals have successfully turned straight. So why the denial?

That’s why it’s shocking indeed that this movie was made, even though the audience to date has been limited. (You can watch it now on pay-per-view on Dish Network currently as well as rent or purchase it on Amazon and elsewhere.)

From "I am Michael"

From “I Am Michael”

So, let me attempt to answer the question of whether sexual identity is fixed or not by turning the question around: If one is “straight,” is that also forever? Interestingly, I have never heard that case made. But let’s say it’s true.

What about the very term “transgender”?

Doesn’t the very term denote a change? It’s Latin, you know, and it means “changing thoroughly.”

And, aren’t we told by the LGBT movement that sexuality is only an identity – something fluid, in flux and thus subject to change?

So why is it that change is only a one-way street when it comes to those who are “gay”?

Do you see my problem here?

Yet, there are laws on the books in some states, including California, that prohibit the practice of therapy to help those who are “gay” but want to transform themselves to “straight.” Do you know there are no such laws on the books, that I am aware of, that prohibit therapy that promotes gayness for straight people?

This is a dead giveaway that raw, one-sided, so-called “progressive” politics is behind all of this sexual identity hokum. It’s no science. It’s power politics. It’s ideology. And it’s immoral because it toys with the most intimate part of people’s personal lives.

I’m not sure how and why “I Am Michael” got made into a film, but I’m glad it did. It’s clear that Michael Glatze left the “gay” lifestyle. It’s clear that it was not easy. But it’s also clear that he desired to do so and there was little help for him.

Why is it that our culture is so quick to provide people with surgical solutions to their sexual identity while, increasingly, banning simple counseling for those who seek a different kind of change?

I think the answer is self-evident. Don’t you?

“I Am Michael” trailer:

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