The 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, was quite historic.

For the first time in CPAC history, both the president and vice president spoke at the conference.

I’m unsure whether an EPA administrator has ever spoken to CPAC before, but I am certain our current EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, is the most popular EPA administrator ever among CPAC attendees.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Administrator Pruitt, and I started by asking him what it was like to appear before an audience that wishes for his job and his entire department to be eliminated.

Hopefully next year, Scott Pruitt can come back to CPAC and report to us how much the EPA has been rolled back. It isn’t often, or ever, that a bureaucracy is actually cut. Now that’s historic.

The audience response was awesome! America is excited for this president’s new EPA administrator to reverse the damage done by years of bloated bureaucrats.

Last night, after CPAC wrapped up, I had the opportunity to visit with the president in a more casual setting and to thank him for all he is doing to recover our country. His graciousness for those who have supported him was what surprised me.

In case there is any doubt in your mind, you built this! And great, historic, huge things are in store for our America!

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