Convicted members of Rotherham sex-grooming gang

Convicted members of Rotherham sex-grooming gang

Even as President Trump’s attempt to temporarily suspend immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries in order to improve vetting procedures is being blocked by a federal judge, another case is revealing just how difficult it has become for Western societies to protect themselves from violent criminal immigrants.

Simply put, the criminals, their activist lawyers and too many in government and on the bench are using the West’s laws against the interests of the West’s citizens.

Case in point is the effort of the British government to deport members of a Pakistani gang of nine men convicted in 2012 of grooming girls as young as 13 for sex, plying them with drink and drugs before they were “passed around” to other men.

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Justice Bernard McCloskey, president of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber and the senior jurist in the present legal action, called out the taxpayer-funded attorneys representing the men for “sustained and marked disrespect,” obstructing the courts and “weakening the rule of law,” reported the London Telegraph.

Given the egregiousness of their crimes and the long delay in removing their citizenship and deporting them, observers say convicted criminals have figured out they can frustrate justice by “adopting a strategy of timewasting and obstructing the courts.”

McCloskey cited “multiple recent examples of similar conduct and misconduct,” and is calling for legal officials in the governemnt to launch an investigation.

In 2012 WND reported on the case, identifying the gang as “Muslim.” Despite hundreds of victims, assaults over a 16-year period and revelations that social workers’ reports of sexual abuse were covered up by government officials who did not want to be branded as racists, the British press refused to identify the men as anything more than “Asians” or “Pakistani.”

In the present matter, four of the nine members of the gang are appealing against the stripping of their citizenship.

“The conduct of these appeals has been cavalier and unprofessional. The rule of law has been weakened in consequence,” said McCloskey in dressing down the attorneys for their many delays — delays he called “frankly shameful.”.

“Scarce judicial and administrative resources have been wasted in dealing with repeated unmeritorious requests by the appellants’ solicitors for an adjournment.”

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One MP who has investigated delays in deportation cases accused immigration lawyers of “playing the system,” while getting paid by the taxpayers.

“We are seeing lawyers going through all sort of procedural measures to delay and delay on their client’s behalf,” said Tim Loughton MP. “In some cases the Home Office simply give up and let these people go rather than incur any further expense in detaining them pending deportation.”

Naila Akhter, a partner at the law firm representing the gang’s ringleader, took offence at McCloskey’s criticism.

“It’s appalling that we’ve been criticized in this way as we had only acted for the client on that single occasion. We have been doing pro-bono work for many years, representing vulnerable and underprivileged members of society and I (and my business partners ) were devastated by the judge’s comments.”

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