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Majority of Americans fear U.S. headed for major war


Fully 36 percent of Americans say they fear the United States is headed for war within the next four years, a new NBC News/Survey Monkey poll found.

The breakdown of respondents is as follows: 36 percent say they’re “very worried”; 30 percent, “somewhat worried”; 25 percent, “not too worried”; and 8 percent, “not at all worried.”

It’s mostly the Democrats who believe war is looming.

Eighty-eight percent of Democratic-leaning Americans expressed worry about war breaking out sometime during the years of President Trump’s White House, compared to only four-in-10 of Republicans. Sixty percent of Republicans participating in the poll said they’re not at all worried about war.

The poll also measured Americans’ thoughts on NATO.

And 62 percent replied that America “should take into account the interests of its allies, even if it means making compromises with them,” NBC News reported. “An overwhelming majority of Americans agree that NATO is good for the United States, with strong majorities from both parties saying the alliance is beneficial.”

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The finding comes just after Vice President Mike Pence and Defense Secretary James Mattis delivered remarks to assure European allies that America does indeed stand firm in its commitments to NATO and to the European Union.

Only 19 percent of the poll respondents held a “very favorable” view of the United Nations, however. Forty-two percent said their thoughts on the United Nations were “somewhat favorable,” but nearly a third expressed outright disfavor about America’s involvement with the world body.

And on Russia?

While Trump has underscored the importance of improving relations with Russia – albeit, not compromising his America-first policy-making principles – Americans by and large don’t care for the country’s government.

“Overall, 61 percent of Americans consider Russia unfriendly or an enemy of the United States,” NBC News reported, citing the poll findings. “Only seven percent consider Russia to be an ally, and 28 percent consider the country friendly but not an ally.”

Again, the differences in opinions about Russia differ sharply by political party.

Fifty percent of self-described Republicans say Russia’s friendly; 49 percent, unfriendly. Seventy-five percent of Democrats consider Russia unfriendly.