NASA thinks aliens might be hiding on the frozen moon of Jupiter, called Europa, and as such, is sending out a search spaceship to root them out, the aeronautics agency reported.

Just this week, NASA announced three goals for its upcoming exploration mission on Europa. What were they?

“The primary goal is to search for evidence of life on Europa,” NASA wrote, reported.

In layman’s terms, that’s tantamount to saying, ‘let’s go look for aliens.’

NASA’s other two goals with its Europa mission, meanwhile, are less eye-widening in nature.

“The other goals are to assess the habitability of Europa by directly analyzing material from the surface, and to characterize the surface and subsurface to support future robotic exploration of Europa and its ocean,” reported.

The announced missions come on the heels of NASA’s mulled spacecraft exploration of the ocean – once again, to root out possible alien life forms.

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But before starting that operation, NASA said it wants first to go to Europa. Tantamount to its mission is to find proof positive an ocean actually lurks beneath the surface layers of that moon.

“Scientists agree that the evidence is quite strong that Europa, which is slightly smaller than Earth’s moon, has a global saltwater ocean beneath its icy crust,” NASA said. “This ocean has at least twice as much water as Earth’s oceans.”

And that means the possibility for alien life is significant.

“While recent discoveries have shown that many bodies in the solar system either have subsurface oceans now, or may have in the past, Europa is one of only two places where the ocean is understood to be in contact with a rocky sea floor.”

So what?

As NASA noted: “This rare circumstance makes Europa one of the highest priority targets in the search for present-day life beyond Earth.”

The other moon in the solar system that likely has a rocky sea floor is Saturn’s Enceladus.

NBC News on Tuesday noted NASA’s ongoing pursuit of alien life forms with a short video chronicling the various electronic messages the agency has placed onto Voyager’s Golden Records. The Golden Records were created in 1977 as a means of NASA illustrating and “explaining Earth” via “a series of vinyls” to any alien life forms who happened upon them, the news outlet reported.

“The records include sounds of wind, rain, laughter, heartbeats and animal noises,” NBC News reported. “It also offers a music collection, from Beethoven to Chuck Berry. The images feature equations, diagrams and snapshots of nature and human life. It also contains greetings from 55 languages to say hello to the universe.”

Watch video of Golden Records programmed by NASA in 1977 to explain the story of Earth:

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