The federal government of Canada has pulled advertising from

In response, I’m going to do what I did when Kellogg chose to blacklist what many might consider WND’s competition in the independent online news community: Tell Canada to dump WND, too.

Our neighbor to the north might as well follow my advice as I have instructed my advertising department to block ads from the Canadian government as long as this anti-Breitbart hysteria continues.

To make matters worse, it appears that an “inquiry” from a Canadian newspaper – the Toronto Globe and Mail – prompted the ban.

This same despicable media outlet suggested in its story celebrating the Breitbart ad ban that the blacklist should be expanded to include WND and other highly trafficked independent voices. The standard Breitbart supposedly didn’t meet is one approved by the Government’s Code of Values and Ethics. It states: “The Government of Canada does not support advertising on websites that are deemed to incite racial hatred, discrimination or the subversion of Canada’s democratic system of government.”

While we believe WND would never incite racial hatred, discrimination or the subversion of Canada’s democratic system of government, we don’t believe Breitbart does, either.

I can tell you one personal anecdote about my experience with Canada’s open democratic system. On one of my many speaking engagements in Canada, I was grilled by customs about the specific nature and topic of my address. I was speaking about Israel to about 1,000 Jews at a large synagogue. When I explained that, the customs snoops insisted I provide them with my notes and rifled through my bags to review my own reading material. After a lengthy delay and many prying, none-of-your-business-type questions, I was permitted to go to my lecture. I could only conclude that, apparently, freedom of speech is not guarded as an inherent, inalienable right in Canada as it is in the United States.

This is not the first time I have stood with Breitbart against the assault on diversity of opinion and worldviews that conflict with certain advertisers. In December, when the cereal company Kellogg announced it was pulling ads from our friends at Breitbart, I announced we would neither solicit nor accept its advertising unless the company dropped its Breitbart boycott.

That’s our position on the Canadian government as well.

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In the case of Canada, the real target appears to be President Donald Trump. The former chief executive officer of Breitbart, Steve Bannon, is now a top strategy and policy adviser to the White House. The Globe and Mail news story announcing the boycott mentioned Bannon and the fact that he brought two of his former staffers to the White House.

Bannon is a target of the left because, as the chief executive officer of the Trump campaign, he helped Trump destroy “political correctness” as well as defeat Hillary Clinton. Apparently, “political correctness,” the antithesis of freedom of speech, still reigns supreme in Canada.

While I am gratified that the marketing firm running ad campaigns for Canada chose WND to be one of 398 media outlets worldwide, I regretfully have to turn down the unsolicited offer – at least until the government stops discriminating against other independent media outlets like Breitbart.

As WND reported, the campaign against Breitbart is being organized by an outfit called Sleeping Giants, an effort to starve the media outlet of advertising.

The member of Sleeping Giants told the Globe and Mail: “While I have no objection to the Canadian government advertising on sites that publish content I disagree with, I think Breitbart is simply a reach too far.” At the request of the coward, allegedly fearing “retribution,” his/her name was withheld.

You can read the whole bloody story in the Globe and Mail for yourself and vent your spleen to the brass there, if you like.

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