A showdown last week that saw witches attempting to cast a spell on President Trump and Christians praying for his defense apparently is just the beginning of an ongoing spiritual battle.

The participants in last week’s occult ritual designed to “bind” Trump with the help of “demons of the infernal realms” are vowing to repeat the rite every month on “waning crescent moon ritual dates.”

Among the participants is singer Lana Del Rey, who instructed her more than 6.2 million Twitter followers to join the effort.

In response, many Christians are praying for Trump. Among those who urge a prayerful response is Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of the New York Times bestseller “The Harbinger” and “The Book of Mysteries.”

“It’s very revealing that Donald Trump has witches all over the world casting spells against him – while at the same time he has had born again Christians believers praying for him throughout the campaign until now,” he told WND.

“It would seem to say he’s doing something right.”

Cahn urged believers to remember God’s power is stronger than occultism and “any darkness.”

“It is written, ‘No weapon formed against you shall prosper.’ We are not to fear any omen, any curse or any witchcraft, as the power of God is much stronger. We must pray for the new president that he will walk and act in the will of God. In view of the stakes involved in the past election, we must not only pray, but pray fervently.”

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Still, other Christian leaders suggest the normalization of outright witchcraft, spellcasting and black magic is an ominous sign for the country.

Far-left groups such as the Satanic Temple, which uses demonic imagery to push leftist causes, believe it is their moment to enter the mainstream.

Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries believes, if anything, they are understating the case. American pop culture is already dominated by the demonic.

“The whole world has normalized the occult,” she said. “This has been the grand scheme of Satan forever. He has made inroads even into the church. He is an ‘angel of light.’ Things of the occult are seen as harmless or even as entertainment.

She noted Fox “has a TV program glamorizing the devil who left hell to reside in Los Angeles and be a hero.” 

“Young people are steeped in the paranormal and see no danger to it,” she said. “In my lifetime we’ve gone from Ouija boards as a parlor game to witchcraft in headlines and very few have noticed this progression.

“It should surprise no one. The Bible says that in the last days evil will wax worse and worse. The devil knows the Bible. He knows that his time is running out. He is making a last-ditch effort to glamorize himself and win people over. And he is succeeding.”

Markell also urged continuous prayer against the rising influence of the demonic and in support of Trump.

“We must engage in spiritual warfare to counter the evil,” she said. “Doing it at the same time as the occultists and calling for their powers to take effect will help neutralize things.

“God is so much greater than these people. He is so much greater than the evil one who is spurring them on. But we cannot be silent. We cannot let evil win; we have to push back. We are going to see more and more of this. Christians have pushed some of the evil out of Washington but they will not go away without a fight.”

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Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries, author of “God’s Day Timer,” also believes the occult has been normalized in American culture. He warns the process has proceeded gradually, bringing American society to the degenerate state it is in today.

“It’s like the frog and the boiling water scenario,” he explained. “The normalization has been going on over generations. Think back to the television series known as ‘Bewitched’ and then on through the years where there’s been a lot of television series as well as movies made involving witches.”

Biltz urged Christians not only to pray, but to pray at specific times as part of a united effort. He said these times can be determined using the Bible, not just to counter an occult effort.

“We definitely should be more concerned about praying according to God’s calendar rather than according to the witch’s calendar!” he said. “We want to align ourselves with the one we are petitioning rather than with the occult calendar.

“Too often we focus on the opposition rather than keeping our eyes focused on what God has told us. In Psalms 55:17, King David writes, ‘Evening, and morning, and noon, I meditate, and make a noise, and He heareth my voice,’ During Temple times these were known as the hours of prayer. They coincided with the times of the evening and morning sacrifices.

“While individual prayers are great at any time, the Bible states when corporate prayers take place the effect is exponentially greater. God wants unity among His people and what greater unity can there be as when we all agree to join one another in prayer on the same day at the same hour, and do it according to His calendar and His times.”

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Carl Gallups, author of “When the Lion Roars” and a Christian supporter of Trump since the primaries, believes the “outpouring of demonic activity” is characteristic of what he thinks is the “most profoundly prophetic time since the first coming of Jesus Christ.”

He is not surprised those aligned with demons are targeting Trump with spiritual warfare.

“I have repeatedly pointed out the incredible spiritual implications of the last election, something like I’ve never seen in my entire life,” he told WND. “We are watching the manifestation of the spiritual realm Paul spoke of in Ephesians chapter 6:10-13.”

“Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in wicked and high places.

“All of the powers of hell are continually being unleashed on this administration. I think this is an indicator that Donald Trump is being used of God in a powerful way right now. This certainly is one of the explanations why there is such a demonic outpouring against him. I think it is incumbent upon Christians to continue to pray for the leaders of our nation and particularly for those who have an inclination toward the things of God and the word of God. The globalist spirit is the spirit of Antichrist. Donald Trump has made it clear that he stands diametrically opposed to the globalist spirit. This is why we are seeing what we are seeing.”

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Yet other Christians say Trump, even if he is kept in the highest office in the land, will be powerless to “make America great again” without a larger cultural movement.

And Bill Cloud of Shoreshim Ministries, author of “Esau Rising,” says American culture is in “full-blown rebellion against God, His word and the principles contained therein.”

“Not only has Hollywood and pop culture normalized the occult, but they have done the same with other lifestyles that are in defiance of the God of Israel, e.g. same-sex marriage and transgenderism,” mourned Cloud.

“The fact that entertainers can publicize such abominable practices and it be so widely applauded, both in the media and the populace, is evidence of this rebellion. As far as what Christians should do in response, I would say that the bigger issue is that we must have true spiritual reform in the nation – not just political reform. Until we have genuine spiritual renewal, people like Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey will continue to find a receptive audience for their debauchery and their pagan practices.”

Cloud also said Trump himself can undertake actions that will ensure he will continue to receive God’s blessing.

“Mr. President, make decisions that are pleasing to God,” Cloud urged the president. “Do what is right in His eyes. Live a life that bears witness to His power and you and your administration will never have to be concerned with being cursed. Here’s why: Scripture makes it clear that no man or adversary can curse what God has blessed. Balsam tried three times to curse Israel but each time was compelled by God to bless them. So the appropriate response to that particular threat is to live a life that is blessed of God. And the same goes for the nation.”

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Yet regardless of what Christians and Donald Trump do, it is clear the occult has emerged in a new way.

Karl Payne, author of “Spiritual Warfare,” says America has entered a new era. And Christians will not be able to avoid the spiritual battle. He urged believers to step forward.

“Satanists, occultists, spiritists, pagans and those promoting anarchy and rebellion who used to work from the weeds and shadows are now standing in the public square and mocking anyone and anything having to do with the Judeo-Christian foundations of the United States of America,” he said. “Who is going to stop the descent into hell when God’s appointed firemen are afraid of fire or smelling like smoke?”

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