A world-renowned mystic leader, Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, warned of a resurgence of dark powers around the globe, saying witchcraft, black magic, fortune-telling and the like has started to make inroads in areas where God’s supposed to lead.

“[God] rules the world and not the powers of impurity,” he said, Breaking Israel News reported. “Idol worshippers look to the stars and tell fortunes in tea cups, using tarot cards and other methods. They believe these things rule the future.”

The rabbi also said Jews in particular shouldn’t fear the trend.

“The Jews have nothing to fear from fortune-telling and magic,” he said. “As the Jewish people, we choose our own future by mitzvot [Torah commandments] and our relationship with Hashem.”

Artzi said those opposing Israel are like modern-day Egyptians under the leadership of Pharoah. Pharoah trotted out his magicians to show Moses and Aaron – who were working out God’s plans by announcing and bringing into being the 10 plagues against the Egyptians – they weren’t the only ones capable of conjuring miracles.

However, Pharaoh’s magicians were futile in their attempts to save the Egyptians from God’s wrath.

“After every plague, Pharaoh and his wizards, all idol worshippers, spoke to their gods and the power of evil, the dark side, to remove the plague. But it didn’t help,” Artzi said, Breaking Israel News reported. “Nothing worked until they bowed down and cried to Moses and then the plague stopped immediately.”

And Artzi’s solution to help save Israel from “the forces of magic” and darkness that were assailing it?

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First, he cited a Talmud passage: “Everything that is hidden from the eye has in it a blessing.” And then, he explained how that passage could be applied to the modern Israel in order to help save it from attack.

The key, Artzi said, is a meek attitude.

“The government of Israel needs for all its decisions to be made in secret,” he said, “and it is forbidden they should be made in public. The government does not need to boast, to publicize or to act with pride. They need to act with humility, quietly and in a hidden manner.”

Moreover, such attitude is keeping in line with the preferred method of operating of one of Israel’s biggest allies, America, and its newly seated president, Donald Trump, Artzi said.

“Trump very much prefers to work quietly,” he said. “He does not like ‘pridefulness.’ He is beginning to ‘clean house.’ There are many enemies and Muslims in the world that Trump is ‘cleaning out.’ But Trump is not afraid of anyone and in the end, even Europe and all of their leaders will follow in Trump’s footsteps, in order to save their own skins and their countries from the Muslims, from the refugees that are coming to eat them.”

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