The left-wing students who riot on campus, declaring they are offended on behalf of their racial, religious or gender identity, have become a cliché already.

Americans around the country note that they seemingly spend more time destroying property than studying, and many, especially conservatives, smirk at the delicate, overly emotional students, derisively called “snowflakes.”

But what is an avalanche but a lot of “snowflakes” moving in the same direction, and Scott Greer, author of the new book “No Campus For White Men,” argues it is a dangerous mistake for conservatives to dismiss them.

After all, they’re winning.

“Identity politics really does work in the public sphere,” Greer told WND. “They do see it as working. I think every time they see a success where they bring down a university president, or get people fired, or are able to intimidate and harass students in order to make them leave campus just because they support Donald Trump, that only emboldens them to keep using these tactics. And they will keep identifying by their racial or gender identity rather than appealing to logical argument and reason.”

Greer penned his book after seeing left-wing students successfully take down the University of Missouri’s president because of allegations of “racism.”

University enrollment has plummeted in the aftermath, leading Greer to question why the university allowed such radicalism to flourish in the first place.

“The impetus for the book was the infamous University of Missouri uprising in 2015,” he recalled. “I saw this as the culmination of the campus craziness I had seen over the last three years with people doing ‘white privilege’ sessions and numerous other things. And I thought, ‘This is quite crazy, why are college campuses allowing this kind of behavior to continuously keep happening and why is it worse?'”

Greer noted how conservatives seemed to underestimate the effectiveness of the left-wing protesters, dismissing them as spoiled or fragile even though they were winning political battles on campus.

“I saw a lot of the people in the media were saying, oh, these are just special snowflakes, young children who have ‘helicopter parents,’ that they were too coddled, that they just couldn’t handle the real world, and that’s why they are doing this outrageous behavior,” Greer said. “But I thought, ‘No, I think there’s something else going on here.’ So I decided to write this book, which was based on a lot of my columns, which were starting to probe into what was happening here, starting to probe into the depths.”

Political correctness is just the beginning. The situation on college campuses is worse than you could ever imagine – and America’s future is at stake. Don’t miss the political blockbuster of 2017 – “No Campus For White Men” by Scott Greer

Greer explains in “No Campus For White Men” that there is a deep ideological motivation behind the campus chaos, something parents considering sending their children to college should never underestimate.

“There’s something very sinister here,” he argued. “And what I came to find out through my research is that there’s a very destructive form of identity politics taking hold of higher education. We see it not just on college campuses, but even in our political discourse right now, where people just cite their identity as a minority and say that’s the end of the discussion.

“It allows for many terrible things to happen such as the suppression of free speech, students being intimidated and harassed because conservatives existing somehow ‘intimidates’ minority students who deserve special privileges just due to their identity as a minority. That’s what the real purpose of ‘No Campus For White Men’ is, to explore what’s really happening on college campuses and what’s the ideological motivation behind what’s happening on a lot of these campuses.”

Many parents do not understand just how dire the situation has become, because the changes in campus culture are very recent.

Greer, who attended college only a few years ago, says almost none of the staples of contemporary campus radicalism were present when he was in school.

“When I went to [The University of Tennessee] Chattanooga, the differences were apparent compared to what is happening now,” he remembers. “My newspaper never had a ‘trigger warning’ – I thought it was something made up when I first heard it. I didn’t ever have a session telling me to check my ‘white privilege.’ I didn’t have to worry about ‘rape culture’ seminars where you had these elaborate things you needed to do in order to demonstrate ‘consent.’ I didn’t have to worry about being shouted down by my R.A. (Residence Assistant) for ‘cultural appropriation.’ There were none of these seminars going on about ‘cultural appropriation,’ ‘white privilege’ or ‘trigger warnings.'”

Yet seemingly overnight, a repressive apparatus and an entire vocabulary used to justify political repression has emerged at universities around the country, including Greer’s.

“Two years later I was reading an article from my old alma mater at Chattanooga’s paper, which contained a ‘trigger warning,’ because it was a story about sexual violence,” Greer said in amazement. “Thus it needs a ‘trigger warning’ telling people the material which is about to come is graphic. I thought to myself: ‘This is ridiculous. A normal newspaper covering crime, even the worst crimes, doesn’t come with a trigger warning. Why is a college campus having these types of insane mechanism to protect students’ fragile minds?’

no_campus_white_men“But I began to see the change start to take shape around 2014. It kept getting worse and worse and worse in the fall of 2015. The University of Missouri and the Yale University unrest really signified the point where it really came to the fore that there’s something really bad happening.”

It’s not just bedlam ginned up over trivial issues. As Greer explains in “No Campus For White Men,” there have been many fake hate crimes on campus, many of which are implausible on their face but which campus leftists accept and mobilize over without hesitation.

“I think we also saw this with all the hysteria surrounding the gang rape hoax at the University of Virginia,” he said. “All fraternities were suspended over a false and unprovable rape charge against one single fraternity. And it turned out to be a total fantasy.”

Greer warns parents of college students not to underestimate the radicalism and left-wing extremism they are subjecting their children to. Nor, Greer said, should parents fail to recognize how quickly things are getting worse.

“Things have been just totally changed even from just a few years ago to today,” he said. “Even with just things like the amount of pressure going into orientation programs. Mine did not focus at all on racism, sexism or anything of these types of things. I was an orientation leader myself and we were never taught to have a whole session on ‘how to check your white privilege.’

“Now, today, it seems like every public university has orientation leaders who teach on ‘how to check your privilege’ and ‘how to avoid cultural appropriation’ and ‘why you need to worry about microaggressions.’ None of this stuff was apparent during my time in college. And I think it’s come to the fore today because a lot of the changes which are happening now in America.”

Political correctness is just the beginning. The situation on college campuses is worse than you could ever imagine – and America’s future is at stake. Don’t miss the political blockbuster of 2017 – “No Campus For White Men” by Scott Greer


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