Soros plans endless, orchestrated anti-deportation protests

By Leo Hohmann

pew resrch map of illegals

Donald Trump, with his attorney general now in place, began following through on another campaign promise – deport criminal illegal aliens.

And the left’s first attempt to block a deportation has failed.

A 36-year-old mother of two, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, was arrested Wednesday during her annual immigration check-in near Phoenix, Arizona.

Protesters blocked an Immigration and Customs Enforcement van from leaving Phoenix with de Rayos inside. One man was shown on local TV attaching himself to the van’s tire. Others sat in front and in back of the van, took pictures of Rayos inside and chanted through megaphones “justice!” and “power to the people!”

Seven protesters were arrested for disrupting law enforcement.

But as of Thursday afternoon it was reported that de Rayos had been deported and is now in Nogales, Mexico.

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Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., is the new attorney general of the United States.
Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., is the new attorney general of the United States.

With Jeff Sessions now seated as the new attorney general, protesters may face a new set of rules from what they have been used to.

“I think that the violent protesters may soon face civil rights charges from our new Attorney General Sessions since their mission is often to violate the rights of Americans they disagree with politically,” said William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration, or ALIPAC. “I believe if the Justice Department begins doing the job it should do, many of these violent protesters will find themselves in jail or facing charges that were originally designed to stop groups like the KKK from using violence for political goals.”

According to a study by Pew Research Center, most of the nation’s 11.1 million illegal aliens live in 20 major metropolitan areas.

Watch coverage of protesters blocking van from CBS “This Morning”:

[jwplayer EjbgFcqt]

De Rayos was convicted of felony criminal impersonation during a workforce raid in 2008 in which she presented a fake Social Security number to authorities. She lost a deportation hearing in 2013 in which a judge said she had no legal right to stay in the country.

But under President Obama, she was considered a low priority and never deported. She had two children while living in the U.S. illegally.

CBS News in Phoenix interviewed her 16-year-old son, Angel Garcia, who said, “no one should ever have to be separated from their mother. My mom is my everything. She’s always there for me. No one should ever have to go through this.”

Her son and daughter also spoke at a protest press conference outside Phoenix.

See story on how Iranian defector was separate from his mother for two-and-a-half years after President Jimmy Carter issued a travel ban on Iranians in 1979.

Gheen said protests like this are being planned by Soros groups and widely reported by the establishment media in an effort to generate sympathies for illegal immigrants.

He said the protests will strategically focus on immigrants who appear the most sympathetic.

“That’s why they are focused on a female and mother that is being deported,” he said. “You won’t see them protesting the deportations of male illegal immigrants or the hardcore looking drug smugglers because while their mission is to stop all deportations, they want to utilize stories most likely to generate sympathy.

“But both the Soros groups and media are underestimating the level of American resolve to deport illegals especially after all of the violent protests and attacks we’ve seen from leftists in the last few months,” Gheen added. “These kinds of protests that involve blocking roads, violence, and the breaking of laws are having the opposite effect from what the demonstrators intend. Instead of generating sympathy, these kinds of arrestable offenses are building support for immigration and border law enforcement.”

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Chris Farrell, director of research and investigation for the government watchdog Judicial Watch, said the pattern has been set that everything Trump attempts to do in fulfillment of his campaign promises will be protested, sometimes violently. And immigration policies will be at the top of the protesters’ list.

“As government returns to actually enforcing the country’s laws, there will be a marked increase by various activist groups to disrupt and engage in various activities to publicize or promote their agenda. It will be a steady diet from the media,” he said. “You’ll see nothing but very sad stories of how the people that are felons are actually the victims of America, and so I think they will conspicuously avoid the persons involved in violent crimes against Americans, the heroin dealers and the guys involved in the grand theft auto operations, and instead you’ll see the focus on tearful children.”

Farrell said these protests will be “orchestrated” by moneyed groups on the left.

“They didn’t spontaneously appear on the street, they had their signs, their megaphones and their T-shirts, so this is all orchestrated and is part of their organizational goals, and if people don’t pause to think about what they are watching, and stop to think well what about the victim and what consequences did she suffer, they will never know the other part of the story,” he said.

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He said the CBS News report, while not factually incorrect, was misleading.

“The presentation was such that it didn’t take into account all of the story,” he said. “There wasn’t a lot of intellectual curiosity about facts or consequences of the illegal aliens’ acts or their activities. At some point, individual persons must be responsible for their own conduct and behavior, and so if you’ve broken the law, no one should be surprised or shocked that there are law enforcement consequences. If you stole somebody else’s Social Security number, that brings consequences, and I think you as a citizen would face much more direct and severe consequences than someone who is unlawfully present in the country.”

Sessions represents ‘breath of fresh air’ or America

Sessions resigned his Senate seat and was sworn in as attorney general Thursday, a day after the U.S. Senate affirmed his appointment by President Trump.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, said Sessions represents a breath of fresh air for America coming on the heels of Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder.

He said the DOJ had been the “lotus of evil” under President Obama.

“So Senator Sessions really has to reorient the Justice Department to actually advance the interest of the American people and the rule of law, as opposed to subverting it,” Fitton said in a statement. “And he has to depoliticize the Justice Department, so the American people can have faith in the fair administration of justice again.”

Sessions told reporters he will be enforcing the laws and focusing on cleaning up drug cartels and terrorism.

Sessions also called for “a lawful system of immigration.”

“We need to end this lawlessness that threatens the public safety,” he said.

Watch Jeff Sessions swearing in ceremony:

[jwplayer vhGGyMbN]

After the swearing-in ceremony, Mr. Trump also signed three executive actions aimed at strengthening law enforcement, which he called “all very important,” though the actions have not yet been released.

“I’m directing Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security to undertake all necessary and lawful action to break the back of the criminal cartels that have spread across our nation and are destroying the blood of our youth and many other people.”

In a disturbing example of what Trump is talking about, the Detroit News reported Thursday on a Homeland Security raid on an 42-room motel in Detroit that was being used almost entirely as a prison for women being held as sex slaves.

It was one of the most shocking cases of human trafficking in state history, as more than 20 women were forced to live in inhumane conditions.

The investigation and raid rescued 14 women and uncovered a sophisticated criminal organization with a hierarchy, lookouts and a body count, the News reports.

The women being held captive were forced to have sex with customers in motel rooms that cost $55 per night — or $35 for three hours.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” Jeremy Forys, a Homeland Security Investigations special agent who helped plan the Victory Inn raid, told the News.

The raid along Michigan Avenue, east of Wyoming Avenue near the Dearborn border, came amid a continuing spike in human trafficking nationwide.

Almost 2,000 people were arrested nationwide by Homeland Security Investigations and Immigration and Customs Enforcement last fiscal year. Those cases involved more than 400 victims.

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