Are you excited about the sweeping changes being directed from the top in Washington?

Did you ever think you would live to see the day a president threw the speeding “progressive” juggernaut into a hard reverse?

Do you think it’s time to sit back and become a spectator as Donald Trump fights alone against the relentless onslaught of the Deep State?

One thing I’ve learned about the forces of the hard left, as both a former activist myself and for the last 40 years as an observer, is this: They never give up. They never surrender. They just keep fighting.

You almost have to admire their tenacity. Their billionaires continue to divert their wealth to the cause of unlimited government. Their grass-roots activists keep turning out. Their voices get louder and more determined.

And that’s why this is no time for complacency after a little more than a month into the new Trump administration.

I remember what happened in 2010 at the peak of the tea party rebellion. It was inspiring when millions of Americans who had never been politically involved got up off their easy chairs and marched and rallied in Washington and across the nation in a bid to take their country back.

Ultimately, they handed the Republicans control of the House of Representatives in that mid-term election – stunning the political establishment, the Big Media and the elite cultural institutions.

I warned at the time, in my book “The Tea Party Manifesto,” that real change would not come if the tea party activists left the rest to the politicians in Washington. It was no time to fold up their tents and go back to business as usual.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened.

While the hard left is obsessed with political activism, ordinary, hard-working Americans are not. They thought Republicans would be true to their campaign promises after riding to power on the backs of the tea party rebellion. Instead, when the America-loving activists went back to business as usual, so did Washington.

So, what’s the lesson for us in 2017?

This new rebellion has been built around one dynamic personality and vision. But Trump can’t do it without you – any more than he could have become president without you.

That’s the organizing principle behind next weekend’s “Spirit of America” rallies across the nation.

No billionaires are backing them. They are not protests. They will not turn to riots and violence like the mob actions of the hard left. They are not motivated by anger but by hope.

The agenda is simple: Bring back jobs, make national security a priority, smash the tyranny of political correctness, revitalize America’s inner cities, secure the nation’s borders and Make America Great Again.

The purpose of these rallies is to demonstrate our determination, our fortitude, our staying power and, yes, our support for the Trump administration that is being attacked on all fronts.

I will be making a rare speaking appearance at the rally in Washington because this kind of unity is as important to the success of this revolution as last November’s election results.

I urge everyone to get involved, show up, meet like-minded people, and be confident in our future.

WND has made it easy for you to find out what’s going on, when and where. Don’t expect your local newspaper rag or CNN to let you know. They’re too busy pumping George Soros’ phony town hall charades.

Remember, we’re always just one generation away from losing our liberty. It’s a constant struggle to keep it, to preserve it, to expand it.

And pray sincerely, daily and with humility and repentance for the future of America.

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