The headline today in the out-of-control ultra-leftist rag known as USA Today is “Trump too late on hate, critics say.” The top of the fold article, which represents yellow – actually I would change that to say “red” (communist) – journalism of the highest magnitude, was written by some hack named Heidi M. Przybyla. But the leftist media, Democratic and Muslim chorus against President Donald Trump and the “fake news” claim he has not sufficiently spoken out about the tens of threats against Jewish community centers and the rise in anti-Semitic acts in this country is dangerously hypocritical. A simple perusal of the timeline of these multiple threats reveals that most of them occurred while our previous, half-Muslim president, Barack Hussein Obama, occupied the White House, and the leftist media said nothing about his and his administration’s not too opaque anti-Semitism.

It is now legion that Obama was anti-Israeli and in fact has disrespected and hates the Jewish state’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. To add insult to injury, Obama, following the corrupt reign of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, nominated former senator and Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry to take over at the historically anti-Semitic State Department. Under Kerry’s years at State, it became even more anti-Semitic, furthering the anti-Semitic agenda of Obama himself, a man who cavorts with virulent Jew haters like Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan (leader of the Nation of Islam), other black-Muslim ministers, the New Black Panthers and, last but not least, such radical black extortionists as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. As a final parting blow to Jews and Israel as they left office, Obama and Kerry orchestrated a Security Council condemnation of Israel at the United Nations, which in effect convicted the Jewish state for building settlements on land that was given by God to the Jews, and by extension Christians. Indeed, Jesus lived, preached, was crucified and then resurrected on what Palestinians now claim is Muslim-Arab land in East Jerusalem.

So it comes as no surprise that while President Trump is being vilified falsely for not having been more vocal about the recent threats on Jewish community centers, our former president, who earned the title the “Muslim in Chief,” and Kerry have said nothing at all! Having bowed down to the Saudi king and Muslim countries like Iran over the last many years, and having spoken out and complained about alleged anti-Muslim discrimination in our nation, they couldn’t care less about the plight of Jews. To be blunt, they both hate Jews, and Muslims know that. This, along with the propaganda of the leftist media, gives some in the American Muslim community cover to do as they please.

It is thus likely that the recent threats to Jewish community centers are the work not of the so-called “alt-right,” as the left puts it, but of some in the American Muslim community who see an opportunity to wreak this havoc. They know that the leftist media, doing the bidding of the Obamas and Kerrys, as well as Democratic leaders like black-Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison (who seeks to take the helm of the Democratic National Committee and is a follower of Farrakhan), will place the blame on Trump while giving some in the American Muslim community the cover to threaten Jews, who they have historically seen as their enemy.

But also giving cover to these threats, ironically, has been the Jewish left itself, primarily based in New York City and Tinseltown, as well as certain leftist pro-Democrat Jewish groups, such as the Anti-Defamation League. Rather than looking for the real cause and perpetrators of these threats, the Jewish left, through leftist media CEOs like Jeff Zucker at CNN, have placed the blame on the Donald. They are so blinded by their desire to destroy Trump’s presidency that they have lost all decency and will use false claims, such as the headline in USA Today, to harm him.

These leftist Jewish interests have themselves furthered this anti-Semitism by also siding with Muslim groups recently in opposing before the courts President Trump’s initial executive order calling for a moratorium of immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries for 90 days. The nation’s current Jewish left is blinded by their hatred of President Trump.

The bottom line is this: Given the uptick in anti-Semitism, the leftist media, its Democratic allies like Obama, Kerry and Ellison, and its allies in the Muslim and “alt-left” Jewish communities have to bear some of the blame for the terrible threats against Jewish community centers.

As far as this leftist media and its accomplices are concerned, we at Freedom Watch will hold them accountable. Fair-minded Americans are invited to join us in this urgent and important mission. See or

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