The real reason media are at war with Trump

By Doug Wead

Most people can see the fast-paced, almost hysterical effort by the corporate media to bring down the presidency of Donald J. Trump. But most people don’t know why.

A big part of it is about Russia, China and money.

In researching my new book, “Game of Thorns,” the story of the Trump-Clinton election campaign, I stumbled onto what is perhaps the biggest story of our generation. It is the ongoing story of how American elitists have become entangled in the economic miracle of modern China and why they want to stop Donald Trump from renegotiating trade relations with that country.

China’s economic rise represents one of the greatest transfers of wealth in modern times, rivaling events in the Middle East. It may be one of the major reasons why in this country, the poor have gotten poorer and the rich have gotten richer under the last two American presidents, a Republican and a Democrat. America’s trade deficit with China in 2015 was $367 billion. It is why free markets and free enterprise are almost dead.

Here are the dynamics.

Trump wants to remake our deals with China because it will begin a rebuilding of our own economy.

Establishment Democrats and Republicans don’t.

In fact, some in the establishment are, even now, pushing America into a confrontation with Russia. There are some very good reasons for this. Some are legitimate, but some are selfish. America does not have the time or resources to take on Russia and China at the same time. A confrontation with Russia protects China and the source of incalculable wealth now flowing to some American elites at the expense of our general economy.

The trail of this story leads back to both the Clintons and the Bushes. The Clintons because of money directed into their legal expense fund, election campaigns, the DNC and now possibly the Clinton Foundation. The Bushes because of longstanding, personal relationships and genuine friendships with Chinese officials.

The secret to China’s wealth began when it was accepted into the World Trade Organization. Because of its currency manipulation and violations of international law, including its criminal violations of copyright and patent rules that bind all other nations (think of knock-off Rolex watches), China would never have been allowed into the WTO. They greased the skids with money to the Clintons, and Bill Clinton responded by putting them on the fast track for acceptance.

The FBI stumbled onto this relationship in 1993 when the agency was monitoring an espionage ring operating out of the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. It turned out to be a money-laundering scheme with China funneling money to the Democratic National Committee, the Clinton legal expense trust fund and later the Clinton re-election campaign.

It erupted into a scandal called Chinagate, with the Chinese government trying to influence an American presidential election. It ended with a congressional hearing and Chinese businessmen, who had made hundreds of visits to the White House, fleeing the country to avoid FBI investigations.

It is a story that is not easy to unravel, but let me give you one of the threads I pulled on that led to the 2016 presidential election campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

During their time in Arkansas, the Clintons enjoyed visiting the Fu Lin Chinese Restaurant. In the back kitchen was a fry cook named Charlie Trie. He passed word to friends in China that the local governor was a man on the make and would soon be running for president.

In 1991, Charlie Trie had advanced from making fried wontons to opening a business in Washington, D.C. According to the FBI, he had one transaction, a $1 million wire from Ng Lap Seng in Macau. Trie passed $400-600,000 on to the Clintons and the Democrats.

When Chinagate erupted, Ng Lap Seng fled to China, beyond the reach of the FBI. But 20 years later, in 2015, he showed up again on the streets of New York City with suitcases full of cash. He was promptly arrested by the FBI.

For the next year the television networks ignored the story, preferring to cover Clinton’s warning that Russia was influencing the election and favoring Donald Trump by hacking into damaging Clinton emails.

It was soon determined that Seng was bribing U.N. officials – but was he also trying to reopen the China spigot to the Clintons? And how much had already been passed onto them and their Foundation through straw-man donors, a method perfected by the Chinese to the Clintons 20 years before?

A debate broke out inside the FBI over how to pursue this damaging information and other Clinton-related issues. The New York office wanted to follow the investigation wherever it would go. Washington, closer to the Obama Justice Department, apparently ordered it to stop all further inquiry and limit the investigation to bribes at the U.N.

At the same time, a videotape testimony from Johnny Chung was obtained by one of my researchers. Chung was the only participant in Chinagate who agreed to testify. As a major donor, within a two year span, Chung visited the Clinton White House 49 times. He testified before Congress that his life had been threatened and he had been warned not to talk. He was the only one of 140 participants in Chinagate to open up to investigators.

When the FBI was ordered to end protective custody of Chung a former government official, friendly with the agency, helped Chung produce a videotaped interview of his story and give it to a lawyer and friend to be shown in the event of his death. Chung fled the country and has not been seen for several years. I was able to obtain a copy of the video. A brief clip can be seen here:

[jwplayer EjHHoFyV-pszPfxYQ]

Read the whole story in my new book, “Game of Thorns.”

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