Temple Mount, Jerusalem

Temple Mount, Jerusalem

No talking to God here

Feb. 17, 2005: When Jesus stood on the Temple Mount nearly 2,000 years ago, he cited the prophet Isaiah by saying his Father’s house was to be a house of prayer for all nations. But that was then and this is now.

WND reported on tough regulations, imposed by Islamic authorities at the holy site against Jews and Christians, forbidding non-Muslims to pray, carry Bibles or – in some instances – anything written in Hebrew.

Even appearing to pray can bring down the authorities, noted one Jewish tour guide who told of a Jewish woman who was detained the previous summer for putting her head down while sitting on a bench.

“It was a hot day and she just wanted to rest for a few minutes. The Wafq started screaming and the police arrested her. She told me she was held for six hours and had to sign documents stating she would never again return to the Temple Mount.”

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