fatherWho’s your daddy? 

Feb. 18, 2006: Thirty percent of men named as fathers in disputed paternity cases are getting ripped off, one paternity fraud expert told WND.

As the nation experiences an unprecedented increase in unwed motherhood, more men are finding themselves named as “fathers,” for purposes of child support, simply because of their ability to pay, say several recent studies. Indeed, in some cases, men who have been able to prove they have no biological link to a child had still been ordered to provide court-ordered support.

DNA testing isn’t always the answer say experts critical of the way tests are conducted and analyzed.

“Despite testing facility claims of a 99 percent accuracy rate, all men are at risk, whether it’s through a wrong paternity judgment or paternity fraud,” said Darrin Bush, developer of PaternityTestFlaw.com. “There is a chance that a man can be determined to be the father of a child even if he never had relations with the mother. The deck appears to be stacked against men.”

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