Town-hall chaos ‘orchestrated’ by scheming left

By Bob Unruh

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh

Left-wing activists dominated many congressional town halls during the recently completely recess, staging shout-fests, handing out talking points to media and angrily charging that President Trump isn’t doing what they want.

Many suspect these Trump hatefests are too organized and too professional to be random eruptions of grass-roots discontent.

And those “many” would be right, according to talk radio’s Rush Limbaugh.

“It’s everything that you thought if you had any kind of suspicion about all of these protests and all these town halls. That they were not legitimate, that they were not organic, that they were not something that just sprung up out of real, genuine outrage. They are planned, they are orchestrated, they are paid for, and they are organized by elements of the Democrat Party,” he said.

“Obama. George Soros money, I’m certain, is involved. They also discuss how to play up to the media, and they illustrate that the media’s not very hard to convince. The media is on their side. The media is only too eager to cooperate, as we know.”

An audio recording obtained by a Louisiana radio station documented that progressive activists plotted to take over a town hall meeting held by Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy.

The activists organized a team stationed inside the meeting hall to badger the senator and a team outside to provide their talking points to local media, caring not one bit if actual constituents are unable to interact with their senator.

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Twitchy, the site that curates news from Twitter, observed: “You know someone’s hit a nerve when those attending GOP town halls start carrying signs reading, ‘Unpaid protester,’ and listing their ZIP codes to prove they are, indeed, constituents.

“Why do that, unless of course there were mounting suspicion[s] that the overflow crowds at nearly every Republican town hall were organized and bused in.”

Town halls by members of Congress, mostly GOP members, have turned into scream-fests in recent days. Activists posing as constituents shout out questions, shout down answers and holler out demands.

Mostly to the effect that they don’t like President Trump and his policies.

“Not that they’re necessarily lying; as we’ve said before,” Twitchy said, “being part of an organized protest doesn’t always entail getting paid – if the public is willing to organize under and abide by the instructions in the Indivisible Town Hall Reference Guide for free, all the better.”

But the Daily Caller reported a leaked audio revealed activists “helping coordinate an effort to manufacture a hostile environment at Sen. Bill Cassidy’s town hall in Louisiana.”

The DC reported the audio obtained by radio station KPEL shows a “coordinated effort to create the public impression that Cassidy’s support for Trump is unpopular with his constituents.”

Said the DC: “The activists split up into an ‘inside team’ – tasked with occupying ‘as many seats as we can’ and an ‘outside team,’ whose job was to ‘give [the media] the coverage they want’ before joining the others inside. Activists were instructed to dress like conservatives and leave at home ‘any signifier that you’re a liberal’ in order to blend in.”

Hear the recording:

Twitchy noted the station identified one of the voices on the recording as James Proctor, a leader of Indivisible Acadiana, “a local branch of the national Indivisible organization, which has organized hostile Republican town halls all around the country.”

Limbaugh noted the recording reveals details about protests at Cassidy’s event by “activists from Indivisible.”

“That is Obama’s group. This is what Trump is talking about: Indivisible is part of the Organizing for Action group that Obama established to replace Organizing for America, which is the group that he used to rabble-rouse and community-organize while he was president. Since his departure, the group’s called Organizing for Action.”

Limbaugh pointed out that three years ago he predicted Obama would stay in Washington after he left office, which he has, and would continue to fight for his agenda.

At that time, Limbaugh said: “He’s gonna stay in town to make sure that whatever he accomplishes is not unwound. I guarantee you, folks, even after he is out of office he’s going to be treated by the media as though he is still president. Every Republican – and this may be the case even with a Democrat president. Whatever the next president does, the media is gonna go to Obama every day. He’s gonna have a satellite administration in exile, in Washington. I guarantee you. Do not doubt. I know these people. I know how he thinks. I know who these people are. I know that’s exactly why he’s gonna stay there.”

And that’s exactly what Obama did, Limbaugh said.

He noted Obama used Organizing for America during his presidency to make “it look like the nation was filled with people angry at anybody who opposed Obama – and that was their purpose.”

He explained the group staged “riots” in Ferguson, Baltimore and other places.

Since he’s out of office, it’s now called Organizing for Action.

“Under that umbrella, there’s a new group called Indivisible – and we mentioned this on a couple of occasions – directly linked to a group consisting of Obama and George Soros,” Limbaugh said.

He noted Trump already knows of Obama’s active opposition to his agenda and his efforts to undermine the GOP president.

Another analyst warned days ago that Obama was maintaining his own team of some 30,000 operatives, posing a threat not only to the GOP but the Democratic Party as well.

The analysis comes from Martin Armstrong, whose Armstrong Economics provides commentary on a wide range of issues extending beyond economics, including history, global warming, real estate and world events.

“Obama has circumvented the Democrats with [Organizing for America] and has established a clandestine unaccountable political party taking money from questionable people,” he wrote.

“There are many Democrats at the state level who are starting to see OFA as an organization independent of the Democratic Party itself, which [is] trying to undermine Trump, yet may in fact undermine the Democratic Party itself.”

Limbaugh agreed that there is a real danger for Democrats.

“There are 18 Democrat seats that are really vulnerable. Folks, it is possible that if Trump moves his agenda and his base remains with him, and that those states that voted for Trump stay tied to Trump – it’s possible – the Democrats could lose enough seats in 2018 that the Republicans would have 60 seats in the Senate all by themselves. That’s a distinct possibility. That’s how bad it’s looking. Now, I don’t like these long-range predictions. A lot of these political scientists are already claiming that that’s gonna happen.”

He pointed out that Trump, in an interview with Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade, said he knows of Obama’s active opposition to his agenda.

“Well, you never know what’s exactly happening behind the scenes,” Trump said. “You know, you’re probably right, or possibly right, but you never know. No, I think that President Obama is behind it because his people are certainly behind it. And the some of the leaks possibly come from that group, you know, some of the leaks which are really very serious leaks because they’re very bad in terms of national security. But I also understand that’s politics. And in terms of him being behind things, that’s politics, and it will probably continue.”

Limbaugh noted that impeachment is being considered by Democrats.

“Now, they don’t have the numbers in Congress to pull it off, but can you imagine if Democrat House managers even start breathing the word seriously, the media is gonna be all over it! The media’s gonna eat it up! The media’s gonna be asking Republicans, ‘Why aren’t you joining the Democrats? Don’t you understand? This is a serious movement to impeach the president. He’s doing great damage to the country.’ I can see it all now.”

The audio of the Louisiana planning session to oppose Trump, according to DC, revealed the “leftist activists strategized how best to ‘dominate’ the question-and-answer section of the town hall and keep anyone ‘sympathetic’ to Cassidy from asking a question.”

“The audio also reveals the activists laughing about ‘the poor people of Breaux Bridge’ – local constituents – who might get stuck behind them. Local news coverage of the town hall said that ‘many attendees were turned away’ from the town hall due to ‘capacity restrictions.'”

An organizer, identified by KPEL as Proctor, said: “Game plan number one is to fill as many seats as we can, right? If it’s all of us in there and the poor people of Breaux Bridge are sitting behind us, well then tough luck for them.”

His “poor people” comment drew laughs from the other activists.

Lifezette, meanwhile, reported Democrats, especially the 18 thought to be vulnerable in 2018, were “ducking” town halls.

“Democrats avoiding in-person town halls altogether have instead resorted to communication through the telephone, email surveys, and social media. Some are only meeting with voters in controlled environments with limited opportunities to ask questions, according to ABC News,” the report said.

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