There’s a good deal of debate today on college campuses about the need for “trigger warnings” and the creation of “safe spaces” on campus.

I should say, right off the top, for those who believe in the need for “trigger warnings and “safe spaces,” beware: This column could be dangerous to your health and well-being, or, it could awaken you to the reality that you have been deceived, manipulated and conned.

Generally, the debate comes down to this:

  • “Trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” are vitally necessary to protecting trauma victims, such as people with PTSD from experiences in the military, or women who may have been victims of sexual assault, or those with mental health issues like panic disorders.
  • “Trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” on campus have a chilling effect on healthy debate, sheltering students from things they don’t like, which doesn’t prepare them well for a world where they are bound to see and hear things that trigger intense and sometimes unpleasant reactions.

But maybe it’s time to look more seriously at what has brought this phenomenon to the fore in the 21st century.

I’m not going to be condescending and simply dismiss those who accept these policies as “snowflakes.” That would be demeaning.

Instead, ever-so-briefly, I prefer to look at the effects of immoral policies in academia, the media and other cultural institutions over the last 50 years to see how they may have contributed to a generation that considers itself victimized to the point of being shell shocked.

Here are some of the messages we’ve been teaching in school from an early age, propagating in media and fostering in the elite worlds of philanthropy and science, among others:

  • The world is on the brink of catastrophe from carbon “pollution.”
  • If we would simply outlaw guns, acts of violence, crime and mayhem would be greatly reduced.
  • Co-ed dorms are a good idea, and gender is only a state of mind, not a biological imperative – making the next big “civil rights” battle same-sex bathrooms and locker rooms.
  • The U.S. is an imperialistic nation hell-bent on exploitation of the under-developed world.
  • Institutional racism so defines America that the only way it can be defeated is through reverse racism against the descendants of those who perpetrated it.
  • Capitalism is as evil as cannibalism, if not more so.
  • Hearing the name Donald Trump should prompt visceral individual and collective reactions of extreme revulsion, if not terror, in normal, right-thinking people of goodwill.
  • Diversity, except for diversity of thought and opinions, is what made America great.
  • Tolerance is a wonderful thing, except for those who disagree with this list.
  • Evolution is proven science, so the moral system that generally united Americans for the last 250 years is no longer relevant.
  • Islamophobia and homophobia are two blights on our culture and ugly vestiges of Christianity’s legacy in America.

I could continue with this list indefinitely – and I am sorely tempted to do so. But I think you get the point. That’s the ideological, moral, social, cultural and spiritual matrix in which too many Americans have been living for far too long.

There’s been an ideological, moral, social, cultural and spiritual revolution – but there are still a fair number of holdouts who have not succumbed to 50 years of brainwashing and indoctrination in the schools, colleges, universities, the media, from multinational corporate boardrooms and globalist institutions, among other institutions.

While once Americans relied on good manners, civility and common sense to avoid exposing children and impressionable young people unnecessarily to horror, gore, sexual exploitation and lies, this revolutionary conditioning has reduced the effectiveness of such built-in self-restraints, traditional guardrails.

Therefore, a new moral code of taboos is being imposed – both as further social conditioning and to replace the old guardrails that have been smashed by the social revolutionaries.

Nothing else makes sense to me. How about you?

When right and wrong are redefined, you can’t leave a vacuum in its wake. You’ve got to create new rules of engagement to fill the gap. That means speech codes. That means censorship. That means rewriting the language. That means inventing new “rights.” That means squelching free and open debate.

It only starts in the classrooms. Like a virus that affects the brain and soul, it spreads everywhere.

Don’t capitulate and cower in fear. Fight back!

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