In “The Snapping of the American Mind,” I comprehensively prosecute the case that not only is what we call “the left” irrational and basically insane, but it is also driving millions of Americans right over the edge – into extreme anger, faux victimhood, violence, depression, debauchery, addiction, despair and suicide.

The recent hysterical overreaction to President Trump’s executive order temporarily restricting travel from countries known to be terrorist hotbeds illustrates the madness currently consuming many Americans.

First, a reality check: Of all the destructive trends gripping America in recent decades – from ever-expanding government funded by unrepayable debt, to a godless culture glorifying sexual anarchy, to universities morphing into far-left brainwashing centers – none is more disastrous, indeed suicidal, than the way America has been dealing with immigration.

That’s why Donald Trump – echoing Ronald Reagan, who said, “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation” – made immigration, both legal and illegal, his signature issue.

Our nation’s staggeringly perverse immigration policies exert a negative impact on virtually every other big problem Americans face – from an increase in homicides, rapes, robberies, assaults and shootings in our cities, to corruption of our election system, to ever-more-frequent Islamic mass-terror attacks within the U.S., to a degradation of the American identity itself.

Despite widespread denial regarding all of this among the elite of government, academia and the press, the evidence of looming disaster couldn’t be more obvious – or ominous:

  • Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the infamous mass-murdering “architect of 9/11” incarcerated at Gitmo, has revealed that mass terror attacks were never Islamic terrorists’ main strategy for destroying America. The only “practical” way to ultimately defeat America, KSM says, is through immigration and by “outbreeding non-Muslims.”
  • Much of Europe, from France to Germany to Belgium to Sweden, is now so devastated by a massive and never-ending influx of migrants from Muslim nations as to be arguably beyond the point of no return. Likewise, in America, following post-Christian Europe’s lead, mosque-building since 9/11 has almost tripled, with the number of Islamic centers jumping from 1,209 in 2000 to an estimated 3,186 by 2015. Law enforcement unanimously pinpoints mosques as the No. 1 venue for radicalization of Muslims into mass-murdering jihadists.
  • A recent report by the respected government watchdog group Judicial Watch reveals that jihadists are partnering with Mexican drug cartels along the U.S.-Mexican border, preparing to carry out precision attacks in American cities.

The elite of both major political parties, but virtually the entire Democratic Party, have long embraced today’s suicidal open-borders policy, to the point that today America has more than 300 sanctuary cities – literally, magnets for criminal illegal aliens. There are several reasons for this:

For too many in the business world, the selfish allure of cheap immigrant labor overrides any concern for America or American workers.

For liberal-left Christians, the impulse toward unlimited embrace of migrants springs from a naïve notion that their Christian faith requires them to come to the aid of “the stranger” and the needy in all circumstances, leaving them somehow oblivious to the cataclysmic real-world consequences that have resulted from following this same policy in Europe.

Often, beneath this altruistic veneer lies another more troubling dynamic: In this era of suffocating and intimidating political correctness, many people feel compelled to “welcome” immigrants from terror hotbeds like Somalia or Sudan to prove they’re not racist, bigoted or “Islamophobic.” Ironically, this “See, I’m not a hater” badge of honor, meant to protect the wearer from the ravages of the left’s merciless shaming, is not available to them for aiding persecuted Christians (the true minority refugee population whose worldwide persecution is currently growing astronomically). No, that would be too much within their comfort zone; after all, Christian refugees share their values! It is necessary that they violate their own values and common sense – even to the point of risking their lives and those of their countrymen by “welcoming” Muslim migrants from terror-laden countries steeped in a culture and religion utterly incompatible with America and Christianity – all in order to demonstrate their righteousness and personal victory over the evils of bigotry. (In “Snapping,” I demonstrate how political correctness is nothing more nor less than Marxist (yes, Marxist) mind control and mass manipulation.)

For Democrats, there is the shameless political motivation to add more Democrat voters to the electorate, since statistically both legal and illegal immigrants strongly favor the Democratic Party. This preoccupation with achieving, at any price, the left’s “holy grail” – the creation of a permanent progressive voting majority in the U.S. – by replacing America’s population with people from foreign lands who don’t share our values or love our country is both fatally short-sighted and unimaginably selfish.

For hardcore left-wingers like former President Barack Obama, who harbor deep-seated grievances and resentments against America, its Constitution, economic system, history, culture and values, there is – in addition to the lust for adding new government-dependent Democrat voters – a consuming obsession with transforming the entire country, which they see as an exploitive racist superpower, into a neutered, multicultural, socialist welfare state.

In fact, the hate-America left sees their country as so guilty for preying upon and exploiting the world’s black- and brown-skinned populations that they think we are obligated – as a matter of essential justice – to bring as many immigrants as possible into America, preferably from “exploited” non-Western, non-white, non-Christian populations – and then, as a matter of both charity and penance, to support them with taxpayer dollars! (This is the same mindset that fuels the left’s demands for slavery reparations.)

However, though this deranged revolutionary movement we call “the left” has wildly succeeded in changing the minds, worldview and values of millions of Americans – as evidenced in today’s widespread abandonment of biblical morality, the embrace of socialism by a high percentage of young people, 3,000 abortions per day, the glorification of homosexuality and “transgenderism,” the conversion of America’s armed forces into a vast laboratory for left-wing social experimentation and so on – the rate of change is apparently not rapid enough for these impatient utopians.

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True, you can transform many people’s worldview through scholastic indoctrination centers, through the propaganda ministry laughably called the “mainstream media” and through osmosis via a pervasive toxic culture. But all that takes time, too much time. These people want results now! Moreover, despite leftists’ best efforts, many Americans stubbornly hold fast to the “faith of their fathers” – or as Obama put it in 2008, “they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion …”

Thus, for the radical left that has blindly steered our ship of state into iceberg after iceberg for the past eight years, the fastest and surest way to change Americans’ minds (or as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed bluntly put it, the most “practical” way to conquer us) is to change Americans themselves! Bring in millions upon millions of people who, just like those on the far left, don’t love traditional America or its Constitution or free-market capitalism or biblical morality – bring in people who don’t want to become part of the American “melting pot,” indeed who are hostile to our nation!

Leaving the doors to our national home thus unlocked, indeed flung wide open – with a sign welcoming the most unfit and incompatible people, inviting them to come into our home, live off of us, and too often prey upon our family – represents the pinnacle of the left’s national self-hatred and rebellion against everything we once recognized as “American.” It is literally a national death wish.

False religion that it is, the far left blindly sees only America’s “redemption” in its transformational immigration policies, meant to atone for our nation’s great guilt and sinfulness toward the rest of the world, whose people we have so long oppressed. In a suicidally delusional sort of way, this is how the left means to “Make America Great Again.”

Fortunately, the lunatics – at least for a time – are out of power and no longer running the asylum. And a good thing it is. Because America’s immigration problem has to be fixed now, or as President Trump has said repeatedly for the better part of two years, “We won’t have a country.”

For more on this topic, read the February 2017 issue of WND’s acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, “ENDING THE INVASION: Americans must regain control of their borders now – or lose their nation forever.”

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