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Why destroy your credibility?

Regarding an article at your website, “Pastor: ‘Demonic activity palpable’ at Trump rally,” Feb. 21, 2017:

I don’t know why you would publish such a report by a man claiming that Trump’s rally was a demonic event. It should be phrased this way: Yes, it did have religious-like zeal, because the people were so happy to have Donald Trump as president, changing the downward slide of America. They were so happy that Hillary was not elected, which would really take us down the Satanic and demonic path.

I do not know what are the actual doctrinal teachings and function of his church. I don’t think it is good for WND’s credibility for you to publish something based on one man. He says he’s not a fan of Donald Trump, which means he’s probably a Trump hater.

So you destroy your credibility when you go with one witness. Now, if there were a half a dozen saying that, then there would be some credence to it. And who knows how much he actually knows about demonic activity anyway. If he wants to go to a demonic meeting, he should attend some of the ultra-left meetings.


Fred Coulter