David Kupelian

David Kupelian speaking at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Many Americans have, to all appearances, gone entirely off the deep end since Donald Trump won the presidency last November, as evidenced by an endless stream of celebrity hissy fits, “mainstream media” meltdowns, comparisons to “Hitler” and “fascism” and hysterical, often-violent demonstrations.

How did so many Americans become so miserable and delusional? Best-selling author David Kupelian, who serves as WND’s managing editor, says it’s not an accident and it was hardly unpredictable.

To begin with, Kupelian asked Rabbi Eric Walker during a recent appearance on “Revealing the Truth”: “What happens when you begin to fall away from common sense and your conscience, doing what’s right? Things go badly, you have conflict, you feel depressed, you’re angry.”

Now, he continued, what if a wildly irrational worldview somehow becomes enmeshed in all of America’s major institutions, leading millions of people away from common sense and their consciences? Logically, you will have a whole nation full of depressed and angry people, said Kupelian. In fact, that argument is the premise of his most recent book, “The Snapping of the American Mind.”

“Not only is the left irrational, but it is leading America – good Americans – over the edge,” he told the show’s host.

This deluded leftist worldview, he said, has led to a situation in which depression is “through the roof” on college campuses, adding that a staggering 130 million Americans are now dependent on some type of mind-altering substance just to get through life. The core reason for all this misery, he said, is very basic: As people move away from what their conscience tells them is right, they come into conflict with their true selves.

Worse, when people reach the point that they not only are at war with their own conscience, but actually glorify and justify their own perverse beliefs and behaviors, they begin to see the goodness in others as evil.

Citing, as one common example, a post-abortive woman who stridently insists the fetus she “terminated” was just a clump of cells and not a human life, Kupelian said: “When you have these people who are, basically underneath it all, below their own level of consciousness, at war with reality … what happens is, when they see some Catholic sister standing outside Planned Parenthood just praying, they think that person is vile and doing something evil because they feel bad in that person’s presence. So, the conscience they are running away from inside themselves pops up in somebody else outside them, and they don’t understand what they’re dealing with.”

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These people are rebelling against reality, he said, and a major part of that reality is that there is a God who created them and provides laws of life to guide them.

“A lot of people do not want to believe that we are responsible to a higher power who’s going to ‘hold it over our heads,’ who’s going to hold us responsible for the way we behave,” Kupelian said. “That whole idea is something that they can’t stand.”

In Kupelian’s view, the denial of God and His laws explains many left-wing positions, such as the insistence by pro-abortion advocates that a fetus is not really a human life.

“When does life begin? You have to be a complete idiot to ask that question!” he said. “Life obviously begins at conception. Things don’t grow and grow and grow and grow and grow and grow … if they’re not alive. But we make ourselves stupid because we want to deny God.”

Kupelian also called evolution a “stupid idea.”

“It’s equivalent to standing next to a parking lot full of Ford cars … and saying, ‘There is no Ford Motor Company. These cars all just appeared here because of a tornado in a junkyard, [or] because over a period of time the elements of life became these Ford cars,'” he said.

Human beings are infinitely more complex than cars, Kupelian noted, yet many people deny that we have all been intelligently designed.

“The idea that somehow we became something out of nothing, without an intelligent Creator behind it somehow, is just evidence of a will to not believe in the Creator,” he concluded.

The rejection of God also explains why so many on the left embrace radical Islam, said Kupelian.

“Why would any of these people [on the left] side with radical Islam?” he asked. “Radical Islam throws homosexuals off of buildings! That’s the worst place you want to be as a homosexual. Why is there an alliance between radical Islam – expansionist, Shariah Islam – and the left, which you’d think are two opposing utopian systems? Because they’re all at war with the same real God.”

Referring to the left, the Democratic Party, the “pro-choice” movement, the LGBT movement and others, Kupelian said: “You have all these dysfunctional, irrational, deluded, delusional groups, but they all side with each other, they defend each other, because their real enemy is God, Christ, Christian America, the Ten Commandments. Because that is what really sticks in their craw. That is what is inside them and is saying, ‘You’re wrong. You need to come home.'”

Get David Kupelian’s culture-war blockbusters: “The Marketing of Evil,” “How Evil Works” and his latest, “The Snapping of the American Mind” – signed and personalized – at the WND Superstore.

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