Jerusalem at night

Jerusalem at night

As Barack Obama prepared to give up the Oval Office, Jewish leaders declared America had forsaken the nation of Israel. But President Donald J. Trump is mulling a revolutionary step that could make the two countries closer than ever.

Vice President Mike Pence declared in a speech to the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee the president is giving “serious consideration” to moving the American embassy to Jerusalem. It’s the latest of several indications President Trump intends to fulfill this campaign promise, which would spark anger in the Arab world.

Moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem would constitute a de facto recognition of the Holy City as Israel’s capital. Though Israel claims Jerusalem “complete and united” as its capital, no other countries have moved their embassies to the city from Tel Aviv.

Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries, the man who discovered the “Blood Moons” phenomenon and is a prominent leader in the movement to incorporate Jewish practices into Christian worship, argues America is uniquely positioned to take a stand for Israel.

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“From the founding of our nation there was a strong connection between the United States and the Jewish people,” Biltz explained. “Our second president, John Adams, grew up in a household based on Puritan values. The Puritans believed themselves to be similar to the Israelites fleeing Egypt, reaching the promised land of the New World. The Bible was their guidebook as they adopted biblical customs, such as observing the Sabbath and even giving Hebrew names to their children.

“Because of the rebellion against Britain the universal adoption of Hebrew instead of English was even proposed to Congress.”

Biltz quoted an 1808 letter from John Adams in which America’s second president called the Jewish people “the most glorious nation that ever inhabited this Earth.”

Adams wrote: “The Romans and their Empire were but a Bauble in comparison of the Jews. They have given religion to three quarters of the Globe and have influenced the affairs of Mankind more, and more happily, than any other Nation ancient or modern.”

Biltz also said Adams’ son, President John Quincy Adams, also supported “the rebuilding of Judea as an independent nation.”

“John Quincy Adams believed God would fulfill his Word to the prophets and bring the Jewish people back to their ancient homeland,” Biltz said. “Support of Israel is something of an American tradition going back to the Founders.”

However, Biltz warned the attempts to destroy Israel are never ending. He contended America risks divine retribution if it does not stand by the Jewish state.

“We must realize that history repeats itself and we will either learn from our mistakes or repeat them,” the pastor said. “Jacob and Esau are brothers, yet Esau and his descendants in every generation have desired to wipe Israel from the earth. In Obadiah they are rebuked for standing in their brother’s way, allowing them to be killed by the invading Babylonian army. They did not remember the brotherly covenant.

“The United States, as Israel’s brother, prophetically must stand with Israel and protect them. At the same time, Israel must place its ultimate reliance in the God of Israel and not the nations of the world. The God of the Bible, which is the God of Israel, will judge all nations in how they treated His people. The patterns are set prophetically. In the past, the United States has sometimes not stood by the Jewish people, as when America turned back the S.S. St. Louis in 1939, filled with Jews who would meet their end in the Holocaust. When history repeats itself again, may the United States be found on the right side this time.”

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Indeed, the battle over moving the embassy could mark a turning point in American history.

“We are at a prophetic point in history that will define us and we must not miss this opportunity,” said Biltz. “We must return to the Bible as our guidebook, not the United Nations. A nation is always preserved by a remnant. Sodom could have been saved if only 10 righteous people were found. How many will be needed to mitigate the judgment coming to the United States? How many may be needed within each state to mitigate the coming judgment upon that particular state?

“The Bible clearly states that the God of Israel is the One who raises up and throws down the kingdoms of this world. Every nation that has come against Israel has been dumped into the trash bin of history. Like so many others, I believe our nation has been given a reprieve, a window of repentance toward our treatment of Israel over the last eight years. I believe President Trump is the one God has chosen for this hour but whether he lives up to the challenge is yet to be seen.

“He needs to take action and move the American embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, not just talk about it. He should not pressure Israel over the settlements but allow them to make their decision based on their own self-interests. He should support them with any defense requests. And Americans should realize the mainstream media is often not giving an accurate presentation of this complicated situation in the Holy Land.”

Finally, pastor Biltz urges American Christians not just to stand with Israel, but to use this moment to rediscover the biblical calendar and the Jewish roots of their own faith. He argues the biblical calendar doesn’t just provide spiritual benefits, it will help believers resist being overwhelmed by a corrupt culture. And perhaps most importantly, it provides insight for what is coming next in America, Israel and the world.

“In my book, ‘God’s Day Timer,’ I show God’s patterns as to when He will intersect with human history. His divine appointments are all based on patterns that can clearly see once we get on His schedule. Lot was clueless when Sodom was about to be destroyed because he was so assimilated by the culture. The church today has become totally assimilated by our modern culture. Many have simply been swallowed by the world,” Biltz said.

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