Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs

President Trump made his view clear during his Feb. 28 address to Congress: Obamacare is a “disaster” which must be repealed and replaced.

However, House Republicans are wracked by divisions over how to go about repealing and replacing the health-care law.

Many conservative House members, including Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, and Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., chairman of the Republican Study Committee, have publicly opposed a draft of the GOP Obamacare repeal bill that was leaked last week.

Meadows took issue with the refundable tax credits included in the draft, saying they amount to a “new entitlement program.”

Walker echoed Meadows, saying the draft bill “risks continuing major Obamacare entitlement expansions and delays any reforms. It kicks the can down the road in the hope that a future Congress will have the political will and fiscal discipline to reduce spending that this Congress apparently lacks.”

Daniel Horowitz, senior editor at Conservative Review and author of “Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges From Transforming America,” similarly believes the GOP leadership’s draft bill misses the boat.

“The sad reality is Republicans, most of them in the House – and let me tell you the House members make the Senate Republicans look like James Madison compared to them – they don’t understand free markets,” Horowitz declared during a Wednesday appearance on the Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

“The official position of the Chamber of Commerce since 2012 has been to fix, not repeal, Obamacare. They don’t understand that the worst parts of Obamacare are the actuarily insolvent regulations, and until you get rid of them and until you pursue lowering costs rather than this economic bean counting about coverage numbers, we are never going to get this right, and Trump was right last night: the way to cover more people is to lower costs.”

Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress came on the heels of a first month marked by hostility between the mainstream media and the White House.

A recently released analysis by Media Tenor, a nonpartisan media research firm, found only 3 percent of news stories about President Trump on NBC and CBS during Trump’s first four weeks in office were positive, while 43 percent of stories on those two networks were negative.

Many conservatives consider rampant liberal bias in the mainstream media to be a given, but Horowitz urges President Trump to bypass the media by conveying a positive message directly to the American people, just as he did Tuesday night in his address to Congress.

“The media is who they are,” Horowitz told Dobbs. “They are not going to change. The media is incorrigibly against conservatives, any Republican, certainly they’re against Trump.

“But the key is for Trump not to become his own worst enemy and follow the media into their rabbit holes, and that was the lesson from last night where he was able to speak consistently on policy issues, sound upbeat, optimistic, forward-looking, and that is a way to get his views up into the consciousness of the American people and speak above the rancor of the media.”

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