Breaking: Dems re-elect Trump in 2020

By Gina Loudon

We all knew the Democrats would whip out every trick in their bag to stop President Trump from accomplishing his agenda, but we didn’t expect them to be so embarrassingly bad at it!

In a comedic turn of events, the leftist opposition is doing the exact opposite of what works.

Here are examples of the laughably ineffective tactics of the left that are accomplishing the exact opposite of their goal to stop Trump:

  1. Rachel Maddow’s big reveal of Trump’s tax returns was a big flop that made President Trump look really good. All that Maddow accomplished was to show that President Trump is as rich as he says and that he pays a lot in taxes. In fact, his tax returns showed that he paid more in taxes than just about every politician on the right and the left.

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An added bonus of the Maddow flop was that she discredited herself and the entire anti-Trump mainstream media when she hyped a non-story that only painted the president in a good light.

  1. Snoop Dogg released a music video that showed him shooting a clown dressed as President Trump. Democrats in California may be cheering at this disgusting use of our beloved First Amendment right to free speech, but a little more of that blue wall crumbles between the coasts every time an anti-Trump celebrity does something like this.

Handfuls of Democrat voters are pushed into the arms of the Republican Party every time they see an out-of-touch leftist celebrity trash President Trump.

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  1. Activist judges blocking President Trump’s travel ban for political reasons are proving to Trump supporters that they made the right decision in November. When the left will put Americans in danger for the sole purpose of blocking the Trump agenda, their true colors show.
  1. The Russian vote-rigging conspiracy the Dems keep pushing is also becoming a joke. The left is so unable to cope with President Trump occupying the Oval Office that they have built a story in their minds that the Trump campaign worked with the Russians to rig the election against Hillary Clinton.

Mainstream Democrats are the ones who are now donning the tinfoil hats and watching for the black (Russian) helicopters. The American public knows the Russian vote rigging story is bunk, but Democrat leaders can’t accept reality.

  1. Every time protesters burn another college campus or shut down another airport, Trump wins a few more votes in a swing state. The pink hat wearing extremists aren’t helping, either.

Democrats around the country have a decision to make in 2018 and 2020. The extreme left may be bolstering its voter rolls in the leftist bastions of the Northeast and the West Coast, but Middle America is turned off.

President Trump can only hope that the protests will continue, and that the Democrats will stonewall the Trump agenda. GOP lawmakers looking to bolster their numbers in the midterms are praying for more music videos to be made depicting assassinations. Trump supporters are begging for more celebrities to talk about blowing up the White House.

In their anti-Trump psychosis, the leftist agitators are doing the exact wrong things over and over and expecting a different outcome.

The midterms in 2018 are going to be a big win for the GOP, and 2020 will be an easy re-election for President Trump. All we have to do is sit back and let the Democrats keep doing what they are doing.

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