Democrats failed bigtime in the 2016 presidential election, with Republican Donald Trump stunningly handing the Dems’ power machine, Hillary Clinton, her second Oval Office-chase collapse, even after the friendly media made it clear she was entitled to the job.

Then they failed when they tried to get the nation’s electors to be faithless to the voters and pick anyone but Trump. A couple of them who did fall prey to the campaign recently were fined $1,000.

And the Democrats failed when they took the fight to the courts, demanding recounts. In at least one state, they ended up losing votes to Trump before the recount was shut down.

What do they have left?


It’s a campaign that now is in full swing.

At Lawnews is a report about “very vocal” Trump critic Laurence Tribe arguing. Again.

He’s several times claimed Trump is mentally unfit to remain in office, and now he has gone public with the claim that one of the grounds for impeachment articles could be Trump’s “false claim” that his Trump Tower was wiretapped before he yet was president.

While no evidence has been presented that Trump himself was wiretapped, the New York Times reported the federal government conducted surveillance on Trump campaign operatives.

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Tribe claimed, “Using power of WH to falsely accuse predecessor of impeachable felony does qualify as an impeachable offense whether via tweet or not.”

Former Labor secretary Robert Reich tweeted: “By my count, there are now four grounds to impeach Trump. The fifth seems to be on its way.”

Reich charged Trump “is making big money off his Trump International Hotel by steering foreign diplomatic delegations to it.”

He also said Trump’s travel ban is religion-based, even though the order spells out the terror threat from the six countries listed. Reich charged that Trump is violating the Constitution by “labeling the press the ‘enemy of the people.'” And he claims “evidence is mounting” that Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.

ABC reported the California city of Alameda passed a resolution asking Congress to investigate whether to impeach Trump.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., claims the Trump administration’s alleged ties with Russia “will lead to impeachment of the president.”

“We’ve got to connect the dots. And we’ve got to follow the money,” she told MSNBC. “Remember, I’ve been saying this for a long time and even though some people didn’t like it, I said that I believe that if we do the work, it will lead to impeachment of the president. And I still mean that.”

A long list of other prominent Trump-haters have released similar comments, and Time.com even speculated that Sen. Al Franken’s claim that Trump is not mentally fit for office would be grounds for the vice president and the majority of the Cabinet to “send a letter to Congress stating that the president is ‘unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.'”

That, Time claimed, would “immediately initiate a transfer of power to the vice president.”

WND reported in January the dozens of scandals under President Obama that included potentially impeachable offenses, including his advance knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified email in a private, unsecured email system.

And the IRS activity, under Obama’s supervision, to harass and subject tea-party and conservative groups to intrusive scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status.

And the Obama administration’s decision to spy on AP reporters.

And Obama’s infamous promise that under Obamacare, “If you like your health plan, you can keep it,” which was rated by Politifact as the “Lie of the Year.”

Commentator Piers Morgan outlined how far short Obama fell of the squeaky clean and civil image he and his supporters wanted to project.

He noted Obama deported in the range of 3 million people and ordered the military to drop more than 26,000 bombs on mostly Syrian, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan, killing thousands.

“He also allowed a lot of other innocent people to die in Syria by choking when President Assad crossed Obama’s chemical weapons ‘red line,'” he wrote.

“Broken promises became a theme of Obama’s tenure,” Morgan said.

Morgan said Obama’s “other failures make equally unedifying reading,” noting the rocketing problem with drug abuse, racial tensions at levels “not seen since the 60s and 70s” and a spike in violent crime.

“History will, I suspect, judge him far more harshly than the current blindly loyal sycophants who love the way he sings like Al Green,” he wrote.

Sign the precedent-setting petition supporting Trump’s call for an independent prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton!

And now it’s getting worse, he pointed out.

“He’s [Obama] turned his new home in Washington, just two miles from the White House, into a nerve center for the mounting insurgency against Trump, even moving long-time consigliere Valerie Jarrett into the mansion.”

But Obama’s really not that bad of a guy, apparently.

There’s Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s word on that.

She said recently, on the issue of Obama wiretapping Trump, or at least campaign operatives, which the New York Times documented, there’s no evidence.

Pelosi said, “President Obama would not do that.”

She suggested Trump’s business may have been a target of an FBI investigation, but added, “We really don’t know … I can’t know in a way that I can say here.”

In a WND column, Myra Adams wrote of the “Trump Impeachment Follies.”

“For Trump-haters who enjoy betting, impeachment gambling is all the rage at Ladbrokes, the British odds-making site. Currently, the odds are 4 to 5 that Trump will ‘leave office via impeachment or resignation before the end of his first term.’ The odds are ‘even’ that Trump will ‘serve a full term,'” she wrote.

“Within the first month of Trump’s presidency, left-wing Democrats such as California Rep. Maxine Waters, Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison (now deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee) and Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin were all singing the ‘I’ word song. (But Rep. Raskin was so impatient he called for impeachment before Trump had even taken the oath of office.)

“But my favorite ‘I’ word story took place on the evening of President Trump’s widely applauded speech before Congress. It was reported that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said, ‘There are plenty of grounds right now for the current president’ to be impeached. But ‘many of the president’s supporters are not ready to accept the fact that their judgment may not have been so great in voting for him.'”

Adams wrote that while that’s obviously the goal of Democrats, the House, which would need to bring impeachment charges, and the Senate, which would try him, have Republican majorities.

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