Lincoln Day Dinner program (Photo: Twitter)

Lincoln Day Dinner program (Photo: Twitter)


Chelsea Clinton

The Twittersphere is in hysterics after former first daughter Chelsea Clinton asked if a photo of former President Abraham Lincoln wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat was Photoshopped.

Chelsea spotted the photo on a Republican Party dinner program for an annual event at Mar-a-Lago held March 24. The program featured an image of Lincoln wearing the hat made famous by President Donald Trump.

On Saturday, Chelsea – appearing to be concerned about the legitimacy of the image – flipped out on Twitter.

“Please tell me this is photoshopped. Please?” she pleaded.


During his Monday show, talk-radio star Rush Limbaugh said: “It’s likely that Chelsea Clinton literally actually believed that Abraham Lincoln had worn a Make America Great cap and had been photographed wearing it back in 1863! She was serious, folks. She was scared to death that Lincoln actually wore the hat.”

Limbaugh offered Chelsea a piece of advice.

“Remember Chelsea Clinton, Abe Lincoln once said, ‘Do not believe everything you read on the Internet.’ Famous Lincoln quote.”

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WND reported just weeks ago when Chelsea made Twitter explode with pure revulsion after she posted an image of her “Soylent-Green”-style pancakes, which she made with spinach purée.

On Monday, Twitter erupted with hilarious responses to Chelsea’s Lincoln tweet, including the following:









Other Twitter users shared humorous photos with the following captions.

“@ChelseaClinton: Here’s a rare photo of our 1st President George Washington as he signs the Declaration of Independence.”


“No, @ChelseaClinton, this is exactly how I remember it.”


What do YOU think? Do you expect Chelsea Clinton to run for office? Sound off in today’s WND poll!


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