CAIR Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper with CAIR Executive Director and founder Nihad Awad

CAIR Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper with CAIR Executive Director and founder Nihad Awad

The leader of a designated terrorist group named as a co-conspirator in a Hamas-funding plot claimed in a speech at Wake Forest University that Muslims and other religious minorities in America face bigotry that could lead to a holocaust similar to the one that killed 6 million Jews.

Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said at the North Carolina school March 23 that his organization counted $205 million in spending from 2008 to 2013 by an “inner core” of 33 groups in an “Islamophobia network dedicated “to stigmatize American Muslims,” reported the Triad City Beat of Greensboro, North Carolina.

Among the groups are ACT! for America, Center for Security Policy, David Horowitz Freedom Center, Steve Emerson’s Investigative Project on Terrorism and Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch.

“The past two years, ladies and gentleman, so many minorities have been attacked,” Awad said. “Latinos. Mexicans. Women have been denigrated. African-Americans. People with disabilities. You name the minority, and they have been attacked in the past two years.”

Awad said it is “very unfortunate that it became so convenient for people to spread fear and fearmongering for political reasons, and unfortunately it works.”

“Sometimes selling fear is effective. Fear is abhorred, is rejected by people with common sense. For people who don’t know, it is a very selling product. In fact, it is a very profitable business to sell hate.”

CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a plot to fund the terrorist group Hamas and designated a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates, along with groups such as ISIS and al-Qaida.

While CAIR regards itself as a civil-rights organization, according to evidence entered in the terror-financing case, it was founded by figures associated with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, the worldwide movement that has stated its intent to transform the U.S. into an Islamic state. More than a dozen CAIR leaders have been charged or convicted of terrorism-related crimes.

CAIR has sued the authors of a WND Books expose, “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America,” which documented the group’s radical ties. A trial in the case is expected to commence this fall.

If you support WND’s fight to expose CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, please consider a donation to the WND Legal Defense Fund for court fights like this one – which must be one if America is to remain free – and safe.

Awad said in his speech that an upcoming CAIR report claims 2016 was the worst year on record for American Muslims “when it comes to hate crimes, acts of vandalism, discrimination, attacks on our civil and human rights.”

However, the latest FBI statistics, which came out last fall, showed anti-Semitic hate crimes are more than two times more common than hate crimes against Muslims, pointed out Robert Spencer, who also has noted many of the reports have turned out to be false or faked by Muslims themselves.

The Southern Poverty Law Center issued a report in November that compiled 867 alleged incidents of “harassment and intimidation” in the 10 days that followed the election of Trump. But many of those reports turned out to be hoaxes, and most of the incidents on SPLC’s list, while deplorable if they actually happened, did not include physical violence, meaning the use of the term “attack” was misleading.

‘High alert’

In his Wake Forest speech, the CAIR leader turned to Nazi Germany as an example of “what hate and hatemongering start and what they lead to.”

“The Holocaust in Europe did not start with acts of violence. The Holocaust started with false propaganda against Jews in Europe,” he said, according to the Triad City Beat.

Awad said he is urging Muslim community centers to be on “high alert.”

“Work with the local police. Work with the neighborhood associations, with the interfaith communities, because when one community is under threat, other communities can be under threat, too,” he said.

“It is our business to be aware of our surroundings and make sure that we are not intimidated by fear, and we’re not scared,” he added. “This is our home country. We are not going anywhere.”

He also urged mosques to adopt an “open house” policy of proactively inviting guests and the media, the Triad City Beat reported.

“Those people who are unaware and ignorant, and are willing to learn — open up to them and reach out to them,” Awad said. “And don’t just wait for them to knock on your door and come and visit. Invite, take the initiative because they may think that you don’t like them, that you hate them. They think that you are the aggressor. They think that you are the enemy, that you pose a threat to them. I’m not asking you to put yourself in danger, but I’m asking you to take the initiative.”

Asked by a local imam to comment on the pressure experienced by American Muslims to denounce terrorism, Awad said it’s obvious that people who commit violent acts are deviants and criminals acting outside of the bounds of the faith.

Awad insisted there is a double standard, complaining Christians are not asked to denounce Christians who bomb abortion clinics in the name of Christianity.

But while there have been only a handful of clinic bombers – whose actions were condemned by mainstream Christian leaders – an estimated 30,000 terrorist attacks have been carried out worldwide since 9/11 by Muslims who cite the Quran and the life of Muhammad as their authority and are commended by Islamic teachers regarded as mainstream in their communities.

Asked about opening a dialogue with President Trump, Awad said he’s not interested as long as Trump promotes policies that target people because of their faith.

He said a cloud of suspicion hangs over two of his top advisers, Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, due to news reports alleging links to white supremacist groups.

There is no evidence, however, that either are linked to such groups or hold racist views.

Awad told the North Carolina news site in an interview that Trump’s policies will ultimately be defeated.

“We have seen that our media is independent,” he said. “We have seen that our judiciary is on the alert. Our system of checks and balances works very well. Does it mean that we need to be complacent and we need not to take action? Of course it doesn’t.”

‘Ample evidence’

While CAIR has complained of the unindicted co-conspirator designation, as WND reported in 2010, a federal judge later determined that the Justice Department provided “ample evidence” to designate CAIR as an unindicted terrorist co-conspirator, affirming the Muslim group has been involved in “a conspiracy to support Hamas.”

In 2008, the FBI cut off official contact with CAIR, citing evidence from the Holy Land Foundation terror funding trial which documented the connections between CAIR and its founders to Hamas.

In a lawsuit CAIR filed in 2009 against an undercover investigative team that published evidence of CAIR’s ties to Islamic jihad, the group alleged its reputation was harmed, and it sought damages in court.

But a federal court in Washington determined CAIR failed to present a single fact showing it had been harmed, and the organization gave up that specific claim against former federal investigator Dave Gaubatz and his son, Chris Gaubatz, whose findings were published in the WND Books expose, “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.

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