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How did Donald Trump win the presidency?

How did a nation that twice elected Barack Obama president turn around after eight years and hand the White House over to, in so many ways, his political polar opposite?

How is it that a nation headed off the cliff spiritually, politically and culturally do a 180-degree U-turn last November?

I’ve asked similar questions in recent columns – first here in “Restoration: The windows of grace: Jesus and Trump” and then here in “Trump: A reprieve from national judgment” – but I am all-but certain I know the answer now.

I even got confirmation from none other than Dr. James Dobson, who echoed my theory.

How did this “miracle” happen?

Who saved America from a fate worse than death?

God did – in response to you and your cries for deliverance and national healing.

Way below the radar screens of most media in this country, something began to happen in the U.S. in 2012.

It was in January of that year that an amazing book was released. It was called “The Harbinger” by messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn. It quickly jumped up the bestsellers list and stayed on the New York Times prestigious list for more than the next 100 weeks.

By March of the same year, Cahn and I and gifted filmmaker George Escobar, now the vice president of WND Films and TV, made a documentary version of the story called “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment.” It quickly became the best-selling faith movie of 2012 and 2013.

I now believe with all my heart that the message of that book and that movie turned the hearts of Christians in America to humility, prayer, to seeking God’s face and repentance, just as II Chronicles 7:14 commands in times of national backsliding.

It didn’t happen by November 2012. There was no political deliverance. But the spirit was moving.

By 2016, however, I believe God had heard the cries from His people and provided what I called “a reprieve,” an opening, a respite, a time of grace.

“The Restitution of All Things,” by Joseph Farah, is a refreshing and radical new look at the consistent messages and themes of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation.

What we do with it will determine where we go from here.

Sometimes, in the history of Israel, we see these “reprieves” do not last. Other times they resulted in widespread revival and long-term blessing.

I do not pretend to know what the future will bring. I can only look at the past and observe the patterns. And our guide to those patterns and God’s teachings is found in the Bible.

Coincidentally, inspired by Jonathan Cahn’s work, I began studying those patterns with an eye to the ultimate restoration of all things that comes with the return of Jesus the Messiah to rule and reign over the whole earth from His throne in Jerusalem.

wndb-Farah-Restitution-of-All-Things-COVERThe result of that study is “The Restitution of All Things: Israel, Christians and the End of the Age.”

If I am right and we are experiencing a partial “restoration” in 2017, what better time to explore with me what the full, complete, seldom explored, prophetic story of the ultimate restoration will look like?

Peter said it is what all the prophets from Creation onward were talking about and pointing toward with the greatest of hope.

Don’t get me wrong. We live in a time of conflict, turbulence, maybe even a little chaos. But, don’t you feel a little more hope today than you did last year at this time? Don’t you think we might be getting just a glimpse of the possibility of a national “reprieve” in which God smiles upon His people?

I’m convinced.

It’s why there’s a little strut in my step. It’s why despite a lot of bad news, I feel like I can see a glimmer of hope. It’s why I am so sure things are getting better, rather than worse.

But it’s time to recognize what’s happening and why. It’s not time to cease the humbling of ourselves and the fervent, heart-felt prayers, the seeking of His face and the turning away from sin. It’s time to recognize that it really does work – and pour it on!

Are you with me? Let me know.

Are you feeling it? Maybe it’s time to take a leap of faith and go to Israel this November with WND’s Joseph and Elizabeth Farah and walk where Jesus the Messiah walked and experience His presence in His holy city of Jerusalem and explore what restoration really means. You’ll also get a chance to meet and hear Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and new U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman.

See the book trailer for “The Restitution of All Things”:

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