The Swedish Embassy requested a clarification after President Donald Trump made reference to the country during a Feb. 18 speech he delivered.

Discussing the terrorist threat, Trump mentioned several countries in Europe where it has reared its ugly head. The president told his audience to look at what is happening in Germany, in France and in Belgium. He then said, “… look at what happened last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden.”

With no report of a terrorist attack occurring in Sweden the night before in the news, the media believed it had caught Trump fabricating a story. The White House later clarified the reference was to Tucker Carlson’s Fox News interview with Ami Horowitz. A documentary filmmaker, Horowitz had investigated the “hidden” refugee crisis in Sweden.

This would have been an ideal opportunity for the media to act responsibly – educating the American public on exactly what immigration issues Sweden and other European countries Trump mentioned are experiencing. But a media clearly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, psychologically allying itself with Muslim criminal refugees about whose conduct it refuses to report, chose instead to focus on a non-existent presidential faux pas.

The president’s reference to Sweden was most appropriate. What is happening there should concern us all.

Social issues concerning Muslim immigration have been brewing much longer in Sweden than elsewhere in Europe as the country began welcoming migrants in the 1970s. Thus, Sweden should be viewed by other Western countries as the “canary in the coal mine.” Events there should be closely monitored to determine whether the result of a growing Muslim migrant population has been a net plus or net minus for Sweden.

For Swedish women, Muslim immigration has clearly been a net minus. This is evident, as today Sweden is considered the rape capital of the West. And Swedish law enforcement’s action plan to protect women is simply to tell them not to venture out alone.

On Carlson’s program, Horowitz claimed that the Swedish government is hiding the rapists’ Muslim identity to protect “vulnerable” migrants. The bottom line on the crisis, Horowitz said, is things are out of control in Sweden as “European virtues” (read as political correctness) have ended any discussion on Islam’s link to the sexual attacks.

Sweden suffers as well from an irresponsible media that refuses to report this threat to the public. More concerned about political correctness than identifying the danger to women, the media fail to link the overwhelming number of rapists to a supposedly peaceful religion. In a very rare report almost two decades ago, one newspaper revealed that nine out of ten of the most criminal ethnic groups were Muslim.

Many Muslims there also refuse to work, quite happy to live off the welfare most European countries provide. Muslim immigrants receive benefits far beyond their pro rata representation of the population yet scoff at contributing to the welfare money pool. Denmark determined while only 5 percent of its population was Muslim, it used 40 percent of welfare benefits.

Ironically, in the U.K., Anjem Choudary, a British-born Islamist preacher promoting terrorism, now in prison, was receiving welfare far in excess of the payments British soldiers fighting Islamism received. Choudary encouraged fellow Muslims not to work, collecting welfare as “jizya” – a tax historically levied against non-Muslims living in Muslim lands, paid so they can practice their own religion.

Things are deteriorating in Sweden. Shockingly, its citizens were just recently told not only will they continue funding immigrant welfare and that immigrants need not adapt to Swedish life, but Swedes now need to contemplate adapting to Muslim life!

It appears the Swedish government has thrown in the towel! It remains to be seen how soon the Swedish people will realize this means eventually accepting Shariah and paying jizya to those Muslims not on the welfare roles.

It is frustrating how few Westerners realize what is happening in Europe. A member of the Belgian parliament, Aldo Carcaci, has tried to warn us. He calls Muslim immigration a “Trojan Horse”-style invasion of Europe that, for the West, will prove to be “the end of civilization.”

Other countries of Europe – Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France – all make direct correlations between Muslim immigrants and rising crime rates. As in Sweden, law enforcement in Germany, where rapes have drastically increased with Muslim immigration, has been ordered to hide the truth. One official there reports police have been instructed “to leave the population in the dark about the actual crime situation.” He adds, “The citizens are being played for fools.”

Frustrating too is the blind eye the American public turns to declarations from Muslim leaders as to the fate awaiting Europe and America through immigration.

Israel’s top imam, Sheikh Muhammad Ayed, explained to his followers that Europe and America accept refugees not out of compassion but a need for workers. However, he says Muslim immigrants will only help secure an Islamic caliphate and advises them to breed with Europeans and Americans to achieve this.

In 2006, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi observed immigration had already brought 50 million Muslims to Europe. He boasted, “Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests … (turning it) into a Muslim continent within a few decades.”

In the 14th century, Europe was devastated by the bubonic plague, transmitted across the continent by fleas from infected rats. Back then, Europeans could do nothing to stop it. Today, Europe is being devastated by an immigration plague, transmitted by political correctness infecting free speech, thus banning the questioning of Islam’s motives and, consequently, doing nothing to stop it.

This infection is being spread here in the U.S. by a media irresponsibly failing to report on public dangers and by a tone-deaf anti-Trump movement refusing to listen to reality.

The Bible notes, “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” Unfortunately, we may have to await Europe’s fall to Islam before the American people open their eyes as to the real threat Muslim immigration poses to democracy.

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