President Trump has caught plenty of flak from the establishment media and members of Congress for his weekend statement that his predecessor, Barack Obama, had Trump Tower wiretapped while Trump was still a candidate.

Some believe Trump is lying, while others think he may have pressured the FBI to tell him about an investigation against him.

But Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, says there’s a third possibility no one is considering.

He shared his thoughts in a video posted to his Facebook page over the weekend.

“The Secret Service does ECM sweeps, electronic counter-measures, where they go in frequently and look for listening devices, radio frequencies, all kinds of things to make sure the president or president-elect is not being, in fact, wiretapped or listened in on on specific phone lines,” Bongino revealed.

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Bongino, who wrote about his time in the Secret Service in his book “Life Inside the Bubble: Why a Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away From It All,” said if Trump were being wiretapped or surveilled, it’s highly unlikely that he walked into the FBI and demanded to know.

The former agent, noting Trump had Secret Service protection as a candidate, thinks it’s much more likely the Secret Service discovered something while performing one of their ECM sweeps of Trump Tower and later found out it was the DOJ that had ordered the surveillance.

“That makes total sense, but of course the media’s not really interested in the story, because they want to find fault with Trump. So their story’s gonna be, ‘Did Trump force the FBI to tell him he was being monitored in some kind of an investigation?'” Bongino said. (Story continues below)

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“They’ve never considered the third option, that he had Secret Service protection and there was likely an ECM sweep done to check for bugs. The FBI’s not going to tell the Secret Service if they’re monitoring the president-elect, and if Obama or his DOJ officials wanted Trump monitored, the Secret Service probably didn’t know at all.”


In a series of Saturday night tweets, Bongino asserted “#ObamaGate is going to blow wide-open this week” and that he, Bongino, will be sharing more information concerning the Obama administration this week.

Bongino joined the Secret Service in 1999 and served on the elite Presidential Protective Division during the latter George W. Bush years and the beginning of Obama’s term. He resigned in 2011 to run for a U.S. Senate seat from Maryland.

Today, he hosts a radio show, “The Renegade Republican,” is affiliated with the Conservative Review website, and contributes to CNN and Fox News.


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