OK. I guess my four-step plan to end Obamacare was too difficult for the GOP, so let me make this easier. There is one thing you guys need to do to save medicine and therefore health care for Americans: Restore freedom. It’s really that simple. Sadly, that’s not what you in Congress do. Every move you make, every rule you adopt and every law you write whittles away at the liberties our forefathers tried to insure. So lets back up.

Step 1: Repeal Obamacare. Last I looked, you have a majority everywhere, and you therefore control the purse and the bills coming out of Congress. Just renounce Obamacare as the unconstitutional mess that it is. You said on the campaign you would do it. You have bills to do it. Just do it. We the American people who voted for Donald Trump expect you to honor that commitment.

Step 2: There is no step 2. You won’t succeed in replacing one egregious law with another. There is a reason government medicine always fails of its own ponderous weight. All you self-proclaimed smart guys in Congress cannot know the facts of day-to-day medicine better than the doctors and patients who interact in the process of health care.

This is the same principle proposed by Adam Smith and reiterated by Hayek and other free-market economists – a few people at the top cannot do as well as the millions and billions of participants in figuring out the best economic options for their daily lives. The principle that separates statism/communism from liberty is a simple one – it is who makes decisions about your life. You? Or the government?

We’ve seen for hundreds of years the problems when a few people at the top make economic decisions for the populace. The Soviets starved because the Politburo could not accurately predict how many tractors would be needed for harvest (among other errors). But the many farmers individually on a minute-to-minute basis know what to do. So too, all the Medicare bureaucrats and all the presidents’ men cannot figure out what health care should be worth. They cannot accurately predict how many doctors to train – yet they try all the time by limiting money for graduate education. They try to set drug prices and surgery prices and regulate every sponge that is placed on every patient. We are drowning in over 160,000 pages of regulation – and that’s before we got to Obamacare! And now the Republicans think they are smarter than everyone who has tried to regulate medicine before?

We have a great food supply because (thank God!) Congress has not tried to control it. For now, food in America is cheap and abundant. It is sheer hubris for the gang of 535 to presume to direct knee replacement surgery or blood pressure care through the bureaucracy of Health and Human Services. And it is based on the false belief that before government there was no health care. In fact we built the finest health care in the world prior to 1964 because government was NOT involved. We treated the poor and the rich. We built charity hospitals and private hospitals. We didn’t think we needed you government bureaucrats. But you came in anyway, and it’s been downhill every regulation since.

So here’s the answer, GOP. Get the heck out of the business of health care. And it will correct itself. Just like the grocers who tailor their products for the area in which they live and work, doctors and hospitals and all health-care providers will figure ways to stay afloat and compete in a free market with lowered prices. Let Medicare patients choose to opt out for the free market. Get out of the insurance business. End the FDA control over our drugs. Freedom actually works. Give it a try.

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