What does it take for murder and mayhem against a group of people to be “genocide”?

Most people think of the Nazis when they think of genocide, but few realize it’s playing out right now, in South Africa, but the world ignores it.

It’s been ongoing for years, especially after Jacob Zuma became president. While not an “official” policy of his ANC/Communist Party, the death toll of whites, especially white farmers, increases with little if any media attention. More than 4,000 have been attacked, tortured and killed for no reason other than that they’re white and own land. Zuma even sang a song in public about killing whites.

And now, he wants to do to his country what Robert Mugabe has done in Zimbabwe:  confiscate the land of white farmers without any compensation. It’s a recipe for the destruction of the country.

As reported in the Telegraph (but not your local newspapers), Zuma wants Parliament to allow the land taking. He knew his statement would be a problem and called in the military to maintain order in Cape Town ahead of expected protests.

Politically, he’s pressured by his party having lost much power in the last elections and mainly by the radical Economic Freedom Fighters.

Its leader, Julius Malema, urges blacks to “take back land from white invaders and ‘Dutch thugs.'”

Ominously, the “Boer Afrikaner Volksraad” said, if the land is taken without compensation, it would be “a declaration of war.” The organization claims to have 40,000 members.

The Telegraph quotes the groups’ chairman, Andries Breytenbach: “We are ready to fight back. We need urgent mediation between us and the government. If this starts, it will turn into a racial war, which we want to prevent.”

The situation is so fragile that former President F.W. de Klerk has spoken out, warning that the current rulers are contributing to the nation “stumbling down the road to societal collapse.”

He added that the government is “openly hostile” to white people based “on negative racial stereotypes.”

Marike de Klerk, de Klerk’s former wife and the former South African first lady, was murdered by a black security guard in her expensive Cape Town flat in 2001.

While there is some mention of farm crimes in South African papers, the international media ignore them.  If you want to see some of the results of the crimes (if you have a strong stomach), you can find them here.

The original white settlements in South Africa began in the 1600s, a combination of Dutch, French, German and Scandinavians – Calvinists, Huguenots and Lutherans.

Over time, they developed their own history, language and culture. Known as Afrikaners, they became a powerful force in business and commerce. After the 1992 election, they lost power. Since then, they have become a hated minority, targeted by the ruling party.

I saw this when I was in South Africa several years ago.

Newspapers reported crime and mayhem against white farmers, but there was virtually no follow up and no outrage.

Fatal car-jackings were common. One I will never forget was of a white man who was car-jacked. He was thrown off a cliff and his car stolen.

It was so dangerous that drivers just didn’t stop at traffic signals at night for fear of being attacked.

Every group of people I met or talked to, every family, had its own horror story of break-ins, attacks and murders. Every one!

People were outspoken that Zuma was an outright communist – something never mentioned in Western media. It hasn’t helped that after Nelson Mandela’s death, it’s been revealed he too was a communist, but our media ignore that.

So as the horror of targeting whites, as was done in Zimbabwe, is now about to be the policy of South Africa, we’re seeing the same actions spreading across Africa.

Did you read of the death last week of Tristan Voorspuy? Well, not if you read our media. The Daily Mail reported in detail how the British and Kenyan citizen, former British Army officer, father, a leading conservationist, famous safari guide, farmer and co-owner of the 24,000-acre ranch in the Rift Valley of Kenya, a wildlife preserve and tourist attraction, was shot out of his saddle and killed, as was his horse, as he inspected lodges on his estate that had been torched in an arson attack.

Since independence in 1963, Kenya has been peaceful, but that’s changed. Rhino poaching, a corrupt government, a growing population, South Sudanese warlords and the influx of high-powered weapons have empowered Kenyan tribesmen who want land and food.

Farmers live in constant fear, with property destroyed, animals stolen, guards shot, fragile and rare wildlife shot and killed for food, ivory and rhino horn. The herds of wild animals are gone – and the government has done virtually nothing to stop it.

Is it genocide when there’s a pattern of people of a certain skin color who are attacked, tortured and brutally murdered?

The international agreement of genocide says: the intentional destruction, in whole or part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group.

Is it genocide when the leader of a country sings a song publicly with the words “Kill the whites, kill the Boers”?

It can involve killing, inflicting serious mental or bodily harm, destruction of resources for people’s survival, prevention of births and/or transfer of children to other groups.

Is it genocide when the president of the country publicly blames Christianity and whites for escalating problems in the country?

Any of those acts can decimate a group of people. Such genocide can be perpetuated by a government, or by rogue groups.

Is it genocide if the government officially doesn’t admit policies while seemingly condoning them?

Those who’ve studied genocide conclude most genocidal governments are totalitarian at worst, or authoritarian and dictatorial at least. It doesn’t occur in free societies.

Is it genocide when the government is in league with the Communist Party and members of fringe parties advocate for the extermination of whites and the taking of their property?

There’s talk about “fake news,” but what do you call news that media ignore?

Nothing, because if they ignore it, it doesn’t exist.

For example: Media ignore that Muslims have benefited from favoritism in getting into the United States as “refugees” while Middle Eastern Christians squeak in at barely 2 percent of the total.

The proof is there. Politicians and media ignore it and the implications.

Dr. Gregory Stanton, with Genocide Watch, speaks openly about genocide, what leads to it and how to determine when it’s actually taking place

He said it’s difficult to convince countries outside of South Africa because of our emotional attachment to Nelson Mandela and a resistance to speak openly about what’s really happening in that country – a world record murder rate, more than 100,000 white murders, torture deaths of white farmers, 95 percent black-on-white murder rate and the world’s highest rape rate.

That’s not in your local news.

Dr. Stanton was specific about the terror among South African whites and that they can’t depend on police or government protection.

He spoke of the line of defense against such racial violence, saying “it’s local – the local courts, the political system. Do everything you can legally to draw attention to it.”

And then he said: “For God’s sake, don’t disarm. Do not disarm.”

He spoke of the Second Amendment in our Constitution and that “the founders recognized that the final defense against tyranny is self-defense.”

“Despite any laws passed – do not disarm.”

He said, “No matter what the government ignores … you (the people) must fight back to stop this kind of apartheid.”

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