‘Like something my dog threw up’: Chelsea Clinton’s pancakes gross people out

By WND Staff

Chelsea Clinton
Chelsea Clinton

Can Chelsea Clinton do anything right?

The former first daughter’s new book, “Governing Global Health,” is such a flop, Chelsea won’t even discuss it. Upon reading it, one reviewer remarked, “Holy hell, that was horrible.”

Despite her eye-popping $600,000 salary from NBC, her short journalism career was such a disaster, the Washington Post dubbed her “one of the most boring people of her era.”

And now Chelsea is apparently trying her hand at liquefied spinach pancakes – and her new “Soylent Green”-style food experiment has Twitter followers ready to lose their collective lunches.

On March 7, also known as National Pancake Day, Chelsea tweeted a photo of her pea-green spinach pancakes with the message: “Spinach pancakes for #NationalPancakeDay (we won’t eat them all tonight although Charlotte would if we let her)!”


Chelsea also explained how she made her pile of green hotcakes: “We puréed spinach, which we blend after steaming,” she wrote.

Then Chelsea added the liquefied spinach “to our regular pancake recipe but with a little less mix.”

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Her tweeted pancake photo sparked a flurry of comments, including the following:

  • Why would you do this to a poor pancake on its big day?
  • Let them eat cake!
  • Those look vile.
  • Looks like that awful sticky, green baby s–t.
  • Soylent Green perhaps?
  • This looks like something my dog threw up.
  • Just my traditional midnight snack of a pile of iguanas.
  • R.I.P. Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo. You will be missed.
  • They’re made of ground-up dollar bills.
  • The future of the Democratic Party.
  • I love you, but ewe Chelsea.
  • Thanks for destroying pancakes. Just like a Clinton.
  • This is why y’all lost the election.
  • That does not look appetizing at all …
  • Delete this tweet. You may know someone who can help with that task?
  • I wont judge u for it, but that’s #NotMyPancake
  • I thought it looked like a drained swamp pic!
  • I love spinach and I love pancakes, but these are going to get a hard pass from me.
  • Save them for St. Patrick’s Day! Otherwise, I will trust you that they are delicious.
  • This is child abuse.
  • That isn’t normal. Your dad should have a doctor look at that.
  • Already working on losing in 2020, I see.
  • Sorry dear. You are not going to happen. Just try to enjoy your parents’ money and leave us alone.
  • So much free time, it’s a shame the Clinton “charity” vanished immediately after your mom lost power-for-hire.
  • You sure there wasn’t some leftover uranium laying around that accidentally got spilled in the batter?
  • That looks disgusting. Would you Clintons go away already?
  • Please don’t run for office.
  • This is why Trump is president.

One WND reader even wrote a poem for Chelsea:

I would not eat them in any nation,
Even if you paid me from your mom’s foundation.

I would not eat them even on crack,
I do not like your green flapjack.

I would not eat them with Alka Seltzee,
I will not eat green pancakes, Chelsea.

Some other colorful responses to Chelsea’s tweet:






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