May I speak frankly about what we just endured over recent weeks with regard to the House debate over Ryancare?

House Speaker Paul Ryan is simply a non-smoking, better-looking, non-alcoholic version of John Boehner who had no desire to overturn Obamacare because he is an establishment Republican who detests conservatives more than Democrats and is a sellout to the insurance companies with little regard for the American people who would be hit with skyrocketing health-care insurance premiums had the bill he crafted been passed by Congress and signed by President Trump.

That was a mouthful, but it needed to be said in one deep breath.

If he were a man of honor, he would resign in disgrace as speaker after promising President Trump his way was the only way to get a bill approved by the House and Senate.

That was never the case.

In fact, had Ryan’s bill passed the House, it would have been defeated in the Senate, since at least three Republicans – Sens. Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz – had announced to anyone who would listen that they steadfastly opposed it. My sources tell me other Republicans would have likely joined the opposition in the Senate if push came to shove.

So what was Ryan thinking?

What kind of a Republican House speaker wastes so much precious time on a bill going nowhere?

The same kind of House speaker as his predecessor, but maybe one whose ability to count votes isn’t quite as good.

I hope and pray Donald Trump and his team get the message.

Ryan is not his friend. Ryan is an obstacle to the kind of rapid changes Trump wants to see and must see to ensure the 2018 midterm elections go his way.

Democrats have not been this gleeful since they made up their fanciful Russo-electoral conspiracy story. They can now portray the Republicans as a group that doesn’t know how to govern – a party in disarray.

But this little showdown was necessary, and the House Freedom Caucus should be commended for holding firm on opposition to a bill that would have proven an even bigger disaster for the Republicans in the long term.

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Can you imagine the Demo-media propaganda that would be waged against Republicans when insurance premiums predictably skyrocketed? And they surely would have because of Ryan’s opposition to open up the selling of health insurance across state lines. That was the key missing element from the bill that would have driven costs down – good old-fashioned competition and free enterprise.

It’s really not that hard to figure out.

Ryan is as sold out to insurance interests as are the Democrats.

Neither cares a whit about lower premiums for hard-working Americans.

It’s all a sham.

For many years now, almost as many as Ryan has served in the House, I have been warning Republicans and conservatives about him. Few listened. He and Boehner were the worst enemies of the tea party movement, and they have always been establishment politicians all the way.

I hope, pray and trust that Republican voters catch on to this phony.

Why do you think he was Mitt Romney’s choice for vice president?

Republicans have a chance to turn things around in Washington, but Ryan is going to remain an obstacle to all that Trump is trying to do. I hope Trump got the message, too. He shouldn’t be threatening the House Freedom Caucus with retribution; he should be promising it to Ryan if he doesn’t get on the team fast.

Oh, I know Ryan can be a charmer, but he needs to be judged on what he does as speaker, not the words that come out of his mouth.

It’s time for Republicans to overturn Obamacare. Period. End of story. If any oppose that clean bill – in the House or Senate, it will be their political funeral.

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