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Malik Obama's 'Kenyan birth certificate' for brother is fake

Then-Sen. Obama during a visit to Kenya in 2006

It raised quite a stir when Barack Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama, tweeted on Friday an image purporting to be the former president’s birth certificate – and supposedly revealing a Kenyan birth.

However, as WND demonstrated back in 2009, the alleged Kenyan birth certificate Malik Obama tweeted is the same fraudulent document that had been offered for sale by eBay seller Lucas Smith and which the seller had displayed on YouTube.

But, as WND’s investigation revealed at the time, it is not a valid document.

Screen shot of whole document from Lucas Smith’s video

As WND reported in 2009, administrators at Coast Provincial Hospital in Mombasa, the hospital named as President Obama’s supposed birth hospital in the document, refused to authenticate the record when contacted by WND sources in Kenya.

The document displayed the following defects:

WND sources in Kenya described the Smith document as a clever forgery in that Helton Muganga was, in 2009, an administrator at Coast Provincial General Hospital.

But when WND sources in Kenya contacted Coast Provincial General Hospital, no administrator would verify the authenticity of the document.