Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn

There are strange goings on at CRTV, the new “conservative” online television network built largely around the personality of talk-show host Mark Levin.

A new show by Canadian conservative writer and talker Mark Steyn launched only a month ago has been summarily dropped without explanation, leaving Steyn bewildered.

“This has been a stunning and sobering week for me, with nothing quite like it before in my professional life,” he mused on his website this weekend. “Many viewers of ‘The Mark Steyn Show’ have asked me to write my account of what really happened. To be honest, I’ve found it easier addressing Trump’s joint address and the Obamas’ book deal and immigrant terrorists and immigrant gangs and almost any other subject – which is why I’ll be back on the telly next week, rather than sitting around the house getting slumped in despair.”

Steyn went on to say he has not fully processed what happened and it’s a matter of legal dispute.

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Earlier last week, Steyn tweeted that neither he nor his production firm had been paid by Conservative Review, the business that owns CRTV.

“CRTV’s contract with Mark Steyn Enterprises has ended, and we will no longer be carrying the Mark Steyn Show,” a statement for Conservative Review reads. “CRTV wishes Mr. Steyn and his team the best in their future endeavors.”

But that’s not how Steyn sees it.

“Actually, the contract is up on June 30th 2021. So @CRTV gave me 4 1/2 yrs notice,” he tweeted. “(But no severance.)”

The cancellation of the program was made at the behest of Cary Katz, CRTV’s principal investor and founder of the company. He’s a bit of a mystery man inside conservative circles, until recently supporting mostly establishment Republicans.

Katz built his fortune as founder of College Lending Corp., a private company that specializes in marketing loans to university students. It lent nearly $11 billion in 2008 but took a big hit thereafter with the advent of Obamacare, which abolished private-sector distribution of federal loan monies.

For his role in the venture, Levin was an adamant “Never-Trumper” during much of the 2016 campaign – along with Glenn Beck, whose fortunes have waned, at least in part, because of the strong “against-the-grain” approach on his radio show.

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