CoverGirl Nura Afia

CoverGirl Nura Afia

An expert on Islam is warning that jihadis have a new proxy to fight for their rigid, uncompromising and all-controlling way of life: CoverGirl, a new report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin reveals.

“Beauty and fashion industries in particular offer a mold in which intellectual discourse and cultural commentary is cast aside for opinion. That opinion is then shaped, packaged and pushed as a product onto a population group already pliable to messaging,” wrote the expert, Shireen Qudosi, director of Muslim Matters at America Matters.

“With CoverGirl’s newest ‘brand ambassador,’ Nura Afia, the message echoes the mantra of hardline Islamist groups who have, since the presidential election, lost much of their political ground. Lost ground is now regained in new spheres through personalities such as Afia, without any association with political parties.”

Qudosi is an American Muslim who is writing a book, “Islam’s Origin Story.” She provided the recent commentary at the Gatestone Institute.

She pointed out that last year, “the élite fashion label Dolce and Gabbana launched an ‘Abaya and Hijab Collection.'”

“Months later, at New York Fashion Week, a sartorial Mecca, hosted the first catwalk spotlighting models fully donned in hijabs,” she wrote.

“Islamist influence is now using Western culture to solidify Islamist values in society’s more coveted circles: fashion and beauty,” she said, explaining that Melanie Elturk, the chief of Haute Hijab, is boasting that “fashion is one of the outlets in which we can start that cultural shift in today’s society to normalize the hijab in America.”

It was CoverGirl, she said, that picked Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia as a new brand ambassador.

“She now stands with celebrities such as CoverGirl’s first male makeup model, James Charles; ‘Modern Family’ star Sofia Vergara and pop singer Katy Perry in a campaign that highlights brands of makeup targeted at customers who applaud surface ‘diversity’ and ‘equality,'” she wrote.

Qudosi explained that the “beautiful Nura Afia” is “a far more appealing and consumer-friendly alternative to CAIR’s Nihad Awad,” but the underlying message has not changed.

The model, Afia, for example, claimed in her writing that Islam “is such a beautiful religion.”

“It’s peaceful and everyone else twists it, even within our own faith. Just from looking at social media, [I see] Muslims bash Muslims, so if that’s happening I can’t believe that we expect non-Muslims not to do the same. It’s just how humans are, I guess. It has nothing to do with religion.”

However, Qudosi documented, Afia also wrote, “If you find yourself no longer my friend on FB it’s because you either shared or posted some straight up ignorant, racist, or bigoted [expletive].”

For the rest of this report, and more, please go to Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

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