Planned Parenthood (Photo: Twitter)

Planned Parenthood (Photo: Twitter)

The exposure of Planned Parenthood’s sale of body parts of unborn babies killed in abortions has prompted some states to defund the abortion corporation. Likewise, Congress is considering eliminating an estimated $500 million in annual taxpayer funding for the organization.

Meanwhile, more graphic insider stories about the operations of the abortionists are coming to light.

“I remember standing there looking at that, and I said, ‘Why are there three arms?’ You know, and we’re looking, and the gal training me said, ‘Twins – it was twins.’ And I said, you know, ‘Do you tell the mom that she had twins?’ And she says, ‘No, it usually just upsets them.'”

That’s from Sue Thayer, a former Planned Parenthood manager in Storm Lake, Iowa.

Her comments come in one of several videos released by the pro-life group Live Action, whose president, Lila Rose, is exposing the tactics of what she calls the “Abortion Corporation” just as Congress is considering transferring some $500 million in taxpayer funds from the abortionists at Planned Parenthood to organizations that provide a wide range of health services.

Rose said the “testimonials of these former abortion workers are so powerful.”

“The stories of the death they witnessed on a daily basis and of the barbaric procedures they saw committed on preborn children must be heard – especially by those who support abortion without understanding how brutal and inhumane it truly is,” she said.

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“The science is clear: These preborn children are growing, developing human beings who have beating hearts at just three-and-a-half weeks old. Taking their lives is the opposite of health care. Despite the lies they tell their clients, Planned Parenthood knows they aren’t aborting clumps of cells, but innocent little human beings.”

In another video, nurse Marianne Anderson describes how one abortionist sifted through dismembered body parts and talked to them as if they were live children: “Now, where’s your little arm?”

Anderson said the abortionist “would sift through it, trying to find the pieces, make sure he had everything.”

“And then he’d say – I remember him saying, ‘Oh, there you are! Now, where’s the head and where’s this?’… There was another doctor who also visited. … He really seemed to kind of get into it. He – I’ll never forget the first day he was there – and he goes, ‘Look at this – this is so cool!'”

The two new videos are called “Planned Parenthood knows it’s not aborting ‘clumps of cells'” and “Planned Parenthood: Desensitized to the killing.”

Live Action said the “gruesome process these women describe exposes not only the barbarism of abortion, but also that Planned Parenthood isn’t aborting ‘clumps of cells’ or ‘products of conception’ – euphemisms the abortion industry often uses to mislead women about how developed their babies are – but rather children with beating hearts at just three-and-a-half weeks old.”

Video 1:

Video 2:

“I anticipate Planned Parenthood will respond as it usually does by denying the findings of this investigation,” Rose said. “We know that Planned Parenthood repeatedly misleads the public, as it did during Live Action’s 2011 child sex trafficking exposé.”

A previous video shows how Planned Parenthood “treated women like cattle.”

Thayer and another former Planned Parenthood manager, Ramona Trevino, describe how Planned Parenthood pushed “harder and harder” for more clients, cutting doctor-patient visit times – sometimes in half. As the testimonies reveal, women are “treated like cattle” and “herded through” Planned Parenthood.

Read the tested and proven strategies to defeat the abortion cartel, in “Abortion Free: Your Manual for Building a Pro-Life America One Community at a Time.”

Trevino, formerly a Planned Parenthood manager in Sherman, Texas, said:

  • “Planned Parenthood treated women like cattle.”
  • “There was no prenatal care, there was nothing we could offer women who were pregnant.”
  • “You go in with the perception that Planned Parenthood is there to help women in any situation, not just when they’re wanting an abortion. … I really went in believing we were just like a gynecologist, then you realize, as time goes by, that you’re not.”

Thayer, formerly of Planned Parenthood’s business in Storm Lake, Iowa, said:

  • “Over the years I worked there, the mission statement came down. Up went abortion goals and all the other goals we were required to meet. The nurse practitioner that had been there four days a week was now there two hours a week, but we were still seeing the same amount of clients. It felt wrong.”
  • “Women were just herded through.”
  • “It is definitely not someplace that I would want to see my daughters go. I wouldn’t want them to have care like that. I don’t think that’s care; that’s not health care.”

The first video:

The second video:

A video about Planned Parenthood offering pizza as prizes for meeting abortion quotas:

And a video shows Planned Parenthood’s position on offering ultrasounds:

And regarding prenatal services:


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