Technically speaking, Worcester, Massachusetts, is not a sanctuary city.

Yet Mayor Joe Petty and other city leaders have repeatedly said Worcester would not collaborate with the federal government in rounding up and deporting immigrants here illegally.

In January, Mayor Petty reiterated to a reporter that, “You don’t have to say you are a sanctuary city to protect people.” Does this really need any translation? Of course not. It’s just ridiculous semantics – like an assassin saying that he doesn’t murder people. Sure, he shoots people for a living, but it’s not his fault if they die.

However, there is one city councilor, Michael Gaffney, who has the stones to insist the city follow the law and work with federal immigration officials. He’s not popular in liberal Worcester. He asked the City Council “to support federal law” and to not “join other communities in declaring themselves sanctuary cities.”

Clive McFarlane, columnist for Worcester’s, wrote that, “Mr. Trump’s threat to withdraw federal funding from sanctuary cities exemplifies his bullying approach to governance, and we should not be cowed.” You say Worcester will not collaborate with the feds in detaining immigrants here illegally. Where is that written in policy? Where is it written that the police will not ask residents about their immigration status?” McFarlane asks. He then adds: “So, Joe [the mayor], you must say loud and proud: ‘Worcester is a sanctuary city.'”

Of course, you know I’m leading to something, and indeed I am. This article was loudly and proudly posted on Jan. 30, 2017. Exactly one week later, on Feb. 5, 2017, a woman was found strangled to death in Worcester by – you guessed it – an illegal immigrant.

The Daily Mail reports that 49-year-old Sandra Hehir’s lifeless body was discovered in her apartment and that her alleged killer, 54-year-old Jose Melendez, has been arrested.

Funny thing is that the Boston Globe, a leftist rag and rabidly pro-illegal, which originally reported the story on March 20, made exactly zero mention that Melendez is an criminal alien. They merely wrote that, “Jose Melendez, 54, of Worcester, is charged with her murder, and the Worcester district attorney’s office said DNA recovered from the crime scene had connected him to the case.”

But Jose, who also goes by the aliases Alvarado and Segura, is not exactly the poster boy “undocumented” immigrant the city of Worcester would have us think of all illegals. Like many illegals, old Jose has a rap sheet a mile long.

He was arrested in 2014 for breaking and entering. He had two drug warrants for his arrest in Massachusetts and giving a false name to police. Oh, and he also faces criminal charges in New York and Florida. Yet he is allowed to take up residence in Worcester – the sanctuary city that isn’t.

Hehir, known as Buffy to her friends, was a popular teacher’s aid at a middle school in Worcester – a public school that undoubtedly teaches their students the virtues of multiculturalism and immigrants of all kinds.

ICE, those jackboots the City Council and the mayor said with whom they would not cooperate, has since put a detainer on Melendez for deportation.

So how does it feel, Mr. McFarlane, Mayor Petty and the rest of the hacks on the Worcester City Council, to be party to a heinous murder by an illegal you would shield from immigration authorities? How loud and proud do you feel now?

How many more American citizens have to murdered or robbed, beaten or raped before you change your tune? Really – how many? Is there is an actual number? We’d all like to know.

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