I recently wrote an article on the Day Without a Woman protest, or strike, or whatever it turned out to be.

Unbeknownst to every participant, I’m sure, the women’s protest for equality (or whatever the heck it was) was not organized by concerned citizens or even feminist groups like the National Organization for Women. It was in fact co-organized by extremist Islamists – one a Shariah law advocate and another a known terrorist.

One of the various ways the Muslim Brotherhood has had success infiltrating American society is that they organize and involve themselves in events to co-opt liberal causes, further advancing their radical Islamic ideology. They also promote liberal causes in an effort to piggyback onto any potential legislative measure created to placate whiny leftists. This is part of their overall plan, which has been dubbed Civilization Jihad.

As part of the pillars of Civilization Jihad, these infiltration efforts are to be done stealthily, to keep the infidels ignorant of the true nature and progress of Shariah.

So I was not surprised to discover that the latest anti-Trump immigration lawsuit was not the work of mixed-up pro-illegal immigration advocates in Hawaii. It was originated by a radical Islamic cleric, Dr. Ismail Elshikh.

“The plaintiff listed in Hawaii’s lawsuit against President Trump’s executive order on immigration is a member of an organization that has several current and former leaders tied to terrorist activity,” Conservative Review reports.

We all know the genesis of this second “extreme vetting” order signed last week by the president. “The order imposed a 90-day hold on foreign nationals from six terror-tied countries from entering the United States.” It was revised after a federal judge over-stepped his bounds and issued a halt of Trump’s first order.

Elshikh is the imam of the Muslim Association of Hawaii, which, like dozens of other American Islamic organizations, has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamic groups. He is also a member of North American Imam Federation (NAIF), which has the same radical ties.

This is a common thread of all these supposedly independent Muslim organizations – to attach themselves to progressive causes.

Leftists in America and Europe want the same thing – open borders, or more succinctly, no borders – the utopian dream of world citizenry. It’s a perfect fit for radical Islamists who seek to infiltrate and destroy free societies from within.

It’s especially easy for these Brotherhood front groups to use liberals as useful idiots to advance their cause of Civilization Jihad. The left, as has been demonstrated countless times by the media, has little curiosity when it comes to investigating the underlying motives of those promoting its causes.

They don’t seem to care by what means something is accomplished, as long as it meets their ends – whether it be communists and anarchists of Occupy Wall Street, black separatists and communists of Black Lives Matter, or open-borders jihadists.

We conservatives always get heat for not walking in lock step with the establishment right’s agenda. Some in the establishment actually admire the left’s ability to “circle the wagons.”

Yet this is the very problem with the left (other than everything they stand for) – their lack of questioning, the absence of curiosity. This dearth of self-examination will lead to nothing good. It’s one thing to wish illegals’ free passage into America. It’s quite another to ignorantly align yourself with known radical jihadists whose ultimate goal is the institution of Shariah law and a new Islamic Empire.

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