Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein

Saddam saved from abortion – by Jews!

WND-20-YearsMarch 4, 2003: They couldn’t have known it in 1937 when they generously took the pregnant woman into their home and talked her out of having an abortion, but an Iraqi Jewish family that now lives in Israel saved the life of the man who would one day fire Scud missiles into their new country – dictator Saddam Hussein.

It’s one of those ironic twists of history, but the Jewish Iraqi exiles who bear the distinction of having saved Saddam’s life don’t like to talk about it.

They don’t want Jews blamed for Hussein and his regime.

“After it became public, the family got this angry response from some people saying they should have done something,” said Amatzia Baram. “But it was ridiculous. We weren’t talking about killing a dictator but a fetus.”

About a decade after the birth of Hussein, Jews across Iraq began a secret exodus of Iraq’s increasingly besieged Jewish community to the new state of Israel.

In Operation Ezra and Operation Nehemiah, some 120,400 Jews left Iraq with little more than the clothes on their back for the freedom of the Jewish state. Only 38 Jews are left in Baghdad, according to one count.

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