Jonathan Cahn was hardly a household name before 2012 when the messianic rabbi published a sensational book called “The Harbinger,” which became the best-selling Christian title that year and the following year, persuading millions, including me, that America was facing possibly imminent judgment because it had turned away from God with striking parallels to ancient Israel.

For me, the story turned my world upside down.

Since the book was written in a fictional narrative form, as a newsman, I felt led to produce a documentary movie version, “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” because of my concern that people might not understand that all of the major historical events of the story had actually happened.

Needless to say, both the book, a New York Times best-seller for more than 100 weeks, and the movie, the biggest-selling faith movie of 2012 and 2013, struck a chord with tens of millions through the book, the film and media appearances.

Cahn’s most compelling message was his call to repentance with the hope of a 2 Chronicles 7:14 moment for America.

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Again, through his urgent spiritual message, we now know many listened – and responded:

It started with a plea for a National Day of Prayer and Repentance on Sept. 11, 2013, an event that has continued annually since.

The annual Washington Man of Prayer event in the Capitol was inspired by Cahn’s message. Since then, regular prayer meetings in the Capitol have been instituted.

Many other prayer networks and chains have been taking place continually.

With all this in mind, I recently posed the question of whether what is happening right now in Washington, with a new administration, is in direct response to what Cahn started with his book and his unique message and ministry and what grew from it.

So I asked Cahn.

It turns out, he has humbly been asking the same question.

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“The main thing I’m convicted of is that God has heard and has given a reprieve,” he told me. “Right now the culture is still falling away. It has to be reversed. If not, the template of ‘The Harbinger’ continues. And if we don’t reach the younger generation, the future then remains unchanged. It may be that God’s people prayed in part – the faithful – and God answered in part. Now is the window. There must be revival.”

Cahn characterizes what happened with the presidential election in November and thereafter “a miraculous reprieve, an opening for national revival.” But, he adds, without that revival, the progression will continue. “We must pray.”

“In the template of ‘The Harbinger,’ and Israel’s progression to judgment, God not only gives the nation warnings, and shakings, but windows of grace, in which the nation can turn back, especially if there is some degree of initial turning and seeking His face in prayer for His mercy on the part of His people,” Cahn told me. “One of the biggest reactions ‘The Harbinger’ provoked and which we received reports of continuously from around the country was the forming of prayer movements in churches, in parachurch ministries and networks across the country. This has happened from the beginning onward.”

His conclusion is that America is experiencing a “window of grace – a window of mercy.”

“We can never measure the spiritual impact of such things,” he adds. “But I have no doubt that the prayers of His people crying out for mercy on America to avert judgment was crucial in the amazing, hand-of-God turn of events – and the critical factor, the missing dynamic virtually every poll overlooked. The election was not the answer, but it was a window given that the answer might come, the answer that now lies in our court, in the hand of believers, what we will do with this window for revival.”

He concludes with this statement: “The Lord always honors His word.”

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I got chills when I heard from my good friend on this subject.

I prefaced my thoughts with this caveat: “Tell me what you think – particularly if I’m crazy, delusional or suffering from mental fatigue.”

Do you agree that what we’re experiencing in the natural political revolution taking place in Washington today is indeed a miraculous response to the humble efforts of His people to pray, seek His face and turn from their sins?

Are we experiencing a “reprieve” from imminent national judgment?

See trailer for “Isaiah 9:10 Judgment”:

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