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What happened to the sailor who killed his rapist?

I last wrote about Steven Nary in November 2013 when he was released after spending more than 16 years in California prisons.

Steven’s crime was to fight off a cocaine-fueled predator intent on rape and to kill him in the course of the struggle. At the time, Steven was a naïve 18-year-old sailor.

Steven’s attacker had a couple of priors for sexual assault and indecent exposure, but unfortunately for Steven, this happened in San Francisco during an election year, 1996.

More problematic for Steven, his attacker was also among the most influential movers and shakers in the Hispanic community. In the courts of San Francisco, Steven never had a chance.

Thanks in no small part to WND, Steven attracted a circle of supporters who raised more than enough money to hire the state’s best parole attorney. Under pressure to reduce prison population, the State of California finally yielded.

One of those supporters invited Steven to come to Colorado to escape the clutches of California. Here is a recent update from Steven Nary, edited for length:

Hello, where has the time gone! I apologize for not writing sooner. I truly owe you an update on how my life is going.

Every day I am truly grateful for being able to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me. Living here in Buena Vista, Colorado, is truly unbelievable. Never would I have ever thought I would end up living in a small town community in the high Rockies.

Not to mention being married to a wonderful woman. Kelly has started working with the youth program at the local library. She also volunteers with the youth program at church, called Awana. I am so proud of her. I am grateful for her love.

Kelly several years ago had a traumatic brain injury as a result of a seizure. She uses a wheelchair due to left side weakness and balance issues.

But she is one of the strongest women I know. I knew she would not be a person to run when things get tough, and marrying me, a person staring over and not having anything, was surely a risk that she took. But somehow she married me, and we are enjoying life together.

I would like to say that everything has been prefect, but of course that just isn’t how life works. We found out one day that Kelly became pregnant. This was such a joy because we didn’t think we could have kids. What a blessing, right?!

Well, six weeks later Kelly had a miscarriage. This was very traumatic to both of us – mainly because I had to watch the love of my life go through extreme pain and trauma.

Why God would present the possibility to us and then take is also difficult, but with everything that we both have been through, we just remind ourselves that God knows the entire picture, and has a plan.

I love the mountains, even though where we live it is considered a valley; 8,000 feet in elevation and we are in a valley. But the small mountain town forces me to learn other things like plowing snow, firewood cutting, repairing the truck and the good things like fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, skiing (haven’t done that yet), hiking, camping and rafting.

Lots of outdoor stuff. I love working in the solar field, and I enjoy installing systems, but it’s pretty awesome that I am learning so much more.

Oh I do miss writing, I mean writing letters to you. Now I am typing, which is cool, but I am so out of practice. I have been really contemplating writing a book.

Biggest issues are finding the time and having to put my mind back to a place I really hate.

I noticed this early in January when I took a few steps to write. I began to really dive into the memories, so much so that I began to research some of the different facets of prison life that I remember.

I couldn’t stop watching videos and thinking wow, I am sure glad I am not there anymore and I can’t believe I experienced all this.

I guess that’s good that I have reintegrated to a point that I can watch something that I know happens inside everyday and say no way, that is unbelievable, but it’s true.

I appreciate that people care enough and want my story told. It would be insightful to see letters that I wrote people, still can’t believe that people have kept letters that I wrote to them.

My goals for this year are many. I want to hike eight 14ers (Colorado peaks 14,000 feet or higher), and I want to sectional hike the entire Colorado trail.

I want to continue working hard and try saving money toward one day buying our own home. Saving is hard when everything goes up, especially health insurance, but gotta have it because the one time I don’t I’ll need it.

I want to build a few things for my mother-in-law at her house; a fire pit, birdhouse, and a water fountain feature. I thought of doing a garden, but it will be a lot of work in this rocky area we call home.

Thank you for your support and most importantly your prayers. They helped so much in my previous form of life, but they also help me and my wife now.

Things we experience are mostly enjoyable and a true blessing, but there are those times where life decides to pull us down. We all have those days.

You are in my thoughts and my prayers. Sorry I do not write as much but you are never forgotten.

With love in Christ,


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