“But the fact is that we know for a fact the Russians tried to change the outcome of our election, attacking the very fundamental of democracy. We know they did that. We need to know how, we need to know why, and most of all we need to know what to do to prevent this kind of activity, which they continue to carry on in free nations around the world.”

– Sen. John McCain

I don’t understand it.

I don’t comprehend it.

I don’t get why so many people take this Russian influence business seriously.

I don’t see any evidence for it.

I certainly don’t see any evidence it was effective at tipping the scales on the election.

So why are the media, Democrats and even some Republicans and members of the Trump administration taking it seriously?

Before I answer that question, let me create some context. The world is on fire.

  • North Korea is rapidly developing intercontinental ballistic missile with nuclear warheads that are already capable of hitting parts of the U.S. – and it is becoming more sophisticated with better targeting.
  • ISIS is still ravaging the Middle East and creating terrorist mayhem around the globe – not to mention taking a refugee crisis to new, catastrophic levels.
  • Iran’s break from bellicose threats of destruction of its neighbors suggests it is using the U.S. taxpayer money Barack Obama donated to the regime, along with the lifting of sanctions, to finish its own nuclear weapons program.
  • Europe has gone mad in a self-destructive, suicidal path to economic and cultural collapse.

On top of all that, Barack Obama used U.S. taxpayer money openly to influence the election of its best ally in the Middle East, Israel, without as much as a protest from the party that is up in arms over Russia’s apparently covert activity, still to be revealed, in the U.S. election in 2016. Isn’t it just a little bit disingenuous for those who allowed that to happen, nay, orchestrated it, to react with horror if a powerful adversary with its own interests tried to influence in some way to impact the U.S. election? Shouldn’t we rather expect such behavior?

Joseph Farah’s book “Stop the Presses: The Inside Story of the New Media Revolution” is a fascinating account of his life as a cutting-edge newsman

I might add, that the late Sen. Ted Kennedy actually asked for the Soviet Union’s help in trying to defeat Ronald Reagan’s re-election effort in 1984. Where were the scowls of outrage back then?

That’s the context.

Now, here are my best attempts at answers to the question of why this issue of alleged Russian influence in the last election is still the overriding obsession of Democrats, the media and others.

  • They are like sheep being led astray by agents of influence that represent a far greater threat to domestic tranquility here in the U.S. than does Moscow.
  • They see Donald Trump as a far greater threat than North Korea, ISIS, Iran and a collapsing Europe.
  • America is in the midst of a cultural, political and economic cold civil war – a “soft” civil war.
  • Much of the U.S. intelligence community, as well as the State Department, is still under the control of those who shaped it and staffed it during the last eight years.
  • The plan of the Democrats to dominate policy in the country has been threatened by Trump’s bid to stop the flow of illegal immigration and “refugees” in a bid to return the U.S. to something resembling the rule of law and national security as a first priority.

For these five reasons, and there are undoubtedly more, have prompted the Democrats and the media dominated by their leftist ideology to cling to the only distraction they can conjure in a bid to stop Trump in his tracks.

Tell me if I am missing anything.

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